Treating Acne vulgaris with domestic components

acne vulgaris
acne vulgaris

Acne vulgaris : it is skin irritation or inflammatory , in result of changes in skin pores and sebaceous glands.

Too much secretion of fat from glands , in addition to presence of natural layer from the dead skin cells are blocking the skin pores , then fatty secretions getting together under it ; which provides a good environment for bacteria that causes Acne vulgaris .

acne vulgaris
acne vulgaris

Ingredients : Treating Acne vulgaris with domestic components

A spoon of oat , it is able to clear the stuck impurities , orts and blackheads from the skin .

3 spoons of liquid milk , and it decreases the fatty substance from the skin .

2 small barked tomatoes , it is useful for oily skin and the exposed skin to Acne vulgaris because it reduces the size of pores in the skin .

A spoon from the dry mint , and it prevents blockage of skin pores and refreshes it.


Method of preparing and use :

Put the tomatoes into the blender , then add the remained ingredients to form a consistent mixture .

Add the mixture on the skin at the infected parts for an hour , then wash them with lukewarm water .

You can use this cure twice a week .

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