An Alternative Treatment for Cancer Between Reality and Dreams

cancer treatment

Alternative Medicine has proved its therapeutic benefits in a lot of diseases, but has this medicine proved an ability in curing cancer?  The Institute of Cancer Research (Britain) has introduced some sort of supplementary nutrition or alternatives that are used in healing this disease.

Here we have a list of the most notable:

cancer treatment

Gerson Therapy

This therapy is one of the most disciplined treatments. It requires an anal coffee injections for cancer patients as well as eating a large amount of raw fruits and vegetables with their juices and taking supplements.  Supporters of this treatment claim that it is able to clean the body and stimulate metabolism . However, until now there is no scientific evidence of its authenticity.  On the contrary, Gerson Therapy may be harmful to malnourished patients.

The Macrobiotic Diet

This diet consists of a plant-based diet containing breakfast cereal, cooked vegetables, and whole grains . As with Gerson Therapy , there is no scientific proof of its ability to treat or control the symptoms of cancer . Although this diet contains some healthy foods, it may lead to malnutrition or even an imbalance in nutrients if they aren’t monitored well. This research is still going on to find how successful these diets are in preventing or healing cancer.


Bromelain is a natural enzyme which exists in pineapple. A recent German study has reported that it may help to boost the immune system and control inflammation. A lot of German studies have also shown that treatment by a different enzyme, including bromelain, helps in controlling cancer symptoms and also treating it. These studies were applied on patients who have breast and bowel cancer and who did not complain of anorexia or bowel problems compared to patients who did not receive the same treatment. But what they did find was that there could be a high chance of an allergy trigger and advised patients who were allergic to dust and pollen to buy face masks from and keep them on at all times. Future research is expected in order to gain additional information about the ability of bromelain to play a greater role in treating cance or improving survival chances as well as controlling the symptoms of the disease


It is an herbal cure believed to originate from “the Ojibwa tribe” of the Red Indians who settled in Canada . This treatment is made from four kinds of herbs grown in “the Ontario berry” in Canada, which are the burdock root, the sheep’s sorghum, the slippery elm, and the Turkish rhubarb . It was first announced by a Canadian nurse named Priné Casey who named the herbal therapy after her last name written backwards, from the last letter to the first one. Now it is owned by one of the trading companies. The treatment of Essiac is a mixture of roots, bark and leaves, which you boil it an can then drink the brown liquid that results from the process. Many people claim that this treatment, like other treatments, is a miracle in cancer treatment, but there is no scientific evidence until now .


Known as vitamin “B17”; it is found in apricot seeds and bitter almonds.

Lateral is described as a very effective combination in cancer treatment, but maybe it’s just an illusion.

Shark cartilage

Shark cartilage is sold as a supplement, not as a medication. However, there is no scientific evidence of its effectiveness in cancer treatment yet.

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