Four Foods will improve your Sexual Ability

Improve your Sexual Ability

Improve your Sexual Ability; Sex instinct was created at the human as a means of reproduction and the continuation of life on earth; it also has many healthy benefits for human’s body, a cure for such as: Insomnia, Depression, reducing Menstruation Pains, helps skin freshness, menstrual cycle, improving respiratory function, and others.

Improve your Sexual Ability

There are many types of food enhances the sexual ability, such as:


Dates contains most of nutrients the body needs, it is considered integrated food when it is eaten with Milk. It contains the necessary phosphatic to build brain cells and neurons especially those which are responsible for reproduction and thinking. Megnesium play great role in calming nerves muscles, and preparing it to receve the nervousness signals which is coming from the brain to the muscles which used during sexual relation. Potassium which works as organizer for Electronical Chemical and Constriction Muscle, Vitamin “A” (Thiamine), “B 2” (Riboflavin), and “B 6” (Niacin), all these vitamins are necessary for the safety for the integrity of the metabolism of nerves.


Berries one of the best fruits for men who have Erection problems, as it is rich in soluble fibers that helps to push the overloaded Cholesterol outside the Digestive system, it is recommended to eat Barries or drink its juice three or four times every week.


It is very rich by Vitamin “A” especially the yellow carrot, this vitamin increases the Fertility of reproductive cells in semen, also increases the fertility of reproductive cells in the ovaries, and this vitamin increases the resistance of the body in general.


It plays main role on the sexual operation, as it contains Hermones which intervents at several chemical operations in the body, so it increases the sexual desire by caressing.


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