Which Herbal Remedies Help Diabetes Sufferers?

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Diabetes is recognised to be an increasingly common health problem, with Type 2 diabetes linked to the current obesity crisis expected to double within the next decade. While insulin and other medications as well as diet are key to managing diabetes, herbal remedies can also help to reduce the risk of many diabetes-related conditions.

Herbal Remedies for Diabetes-Related Conditions

There are several different conditions related to diabetes which may benefit from taking regular herbal supplements. As it has long since been known that diabetics are at an increased risk of eye problems, ulcers, poor circulation, high blood pressure and abnormal blood clotting, herbal remedies have been identified to target these specific health problems.

In Natural Approaches to Diabetes, Brewer recommends key herbal remedies for diabetes sufferers, to include the following:

  • glucose control – aloe vera, bitter melon, fenugreek, garlic, ginseng, holy basil, prickly pear
  • diabetic skin ulcers – aloe vera
  • eye health – bilberry, ginkgo biloba
  • boost immunity – echinacea, gymnema
  • improve cholesterol levels – fenugreek, garlic, prickly pear
  • lower blood pressure – garlic
  • improve circulation – garlic, ginkgo biloba
  • reduce abnormal blood clotting – ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo Biloba Helps Diabetics Manage Diabetes

From the list of herbal remedies listed above, it is easy to spot how important the herb ginkgo biloba may be to help improve a range of diabetes-related conditions. For adult male sufferers of diabetes, the herb has also been identified as helpful in improving erectile dysfunction and there are also believed to be benefits in terms of concentration and memory. As highlighted by Brewer, ginkgo biloba is particularly beneficial for Type 2 diabetes sufferers, where it is recognised to significantly boost insulin secretion

Aloe Vera Helps Diabetes Glucose Control

Another very popular herbal remedy is aloe vera, which has long since been used to treat burns, itchy skin, as a laxative for reducing constipation and for treating a variety of skin conditions. In recent years, aloe vera has also helped treat two diabetes-related conditions, including high blood glucose levels and diabetic ulcers. Aloe vera juice may be taken to help the former, while aloe vera gel is likely to hasten wound healing in the latter. Both aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel may be purchased from health food stores and pharmacies.

As highlighted above, herbal remedies have been recognised as beneficial to treat a range of diabetic-related conditions, such as high blood pressure, eye problems,poor circulation and low immunity. Key herbal supplements worth considering, include ginkgo biloba, bilberry, echinacea, holy basil and garlic.


Which Herbal Remedies Help Diabetes Sufferers?

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