Melasma : A Magic Domestic Mixture to get rid of it

melasma ingredients mixture

Melasma : it`s a tan or a change of face skin color , it usually appears as brown ,tan, or blue-gray patches along the upper cheeks , upper lip , forehead , and chin .

The main factors causing Melasma are hormonal changes and external sun exposure, so the most effective and long-lasting cure are aimed at these eliminating these causes .

Melasma can infect anybody , but it is more common in women especially the pregnant or who take Pills to prevent pregnancy.

If you suffer from Melasma ,we advise you to use the following herbal and cosmetic expert prescription ” Khloud Saed “ :

melasma ingredients mixture

Ingredients : Melasma ingredients mixture

15 grain of grapes or 3 spoons of grapes juice .

Half a spoon of kiwi

Two spoons of Yogurt

A spoon of honey

A spoon of sugar

ingredients mixture

Method of preparing and use : ingredients mixture

Mix the ingredients together manually. add the mixture add the dark parts , rub it for one minute , then leave it for 15 minutes , before washing the face with lukewarm water .

For good result, use the mixture once daily till the disappearance of the dark spots.

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