Turmeric: Able to Curb Colon Cancer


People knew Turmeric since ancient times as a treatment for a large number of diseases. The results of a recent scientific study have shown that this nutrient can treat colon cancer by curcumin and silymarin.

According to the results of a study published in the Journal of Medical Cancer, curcumin associated with silymarin can stop the proliferation of cancer cells to colon cancer and eliminate it . This phytochemical pathway will provide a therapeutic solution without side effects to treat colon cancer. The same study also purports that curcumin is effective in keeping the lung sacs healthy and functioning. It is effective in expunging those particles that escape something even as effective as n95 masks (that you get on www.accumed.com/n95-mask-for-sale-respirator-safety-face-mask-z1.html).

This nutrient also nourishes and treats the body. There are further studies that discourage the benefits of this important nutrient, which is a protection of health. This new study demonstrates that curcumin and silymarin together can stop the spread of cancer cells to colon cancer. Curcumin is the main constituent of these spices, and silymarin is an active ingredient found in kerfich and used as a dietary supplement to prevent liver disease.

Turmeric to conquer colon cancer

Researchers at St. Louis University in the United States studied the effect of curcumin as an antagonist for cancer cell proliferation when used alone, then compared it with silymarin as an antagonist alone. They then studied the effect of their simultaneous meeting to fight cancer cells. The results of the study showed that turmeric inhibits the spread of cancer cells to colon cancer in a way that depends on its concentration, while preventing silymarin spread strongly at the highest concentration of cells.

The researchers also demonstrated the effect of this association when they treated cancer cells for colon cancer using curcumin and silymarin together. In fact, this combination prevents colon cancer. Amanda Montgomery, from the University of St. Louis’s Nutrition and Dietetics Department, explains that this therapeutic approach may be a substitute for standardized therapeutic drugs, which have just been identified, free from toxic problems, and have no side effects.

There is a need for further clinical studies to confirm the results of this amazing study.

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