A Common Issue in Man’s Health: Increasing Penis Length

Increasing Penis Length

Increasing Penis Length ;The penis starts growing in the teenage years within the age of 11 to 18 years, and it continues to grow till age 21. There could be an operation to increase the length or the girth of the penis, but there is no or little evidence supporting the safety or success of penis enlargement operations, and penis enlargement surgery can have complications, and a lot of men are not satisfied with the results. And surgeries for cosmetic purposes are not covered by insurance companies.

The penis size ” Increasing Penis Length “

A lot of men feel worried that their penis size is too small, but the penises of most men are of average size, and the penis of each man differs in terms of size and shape.

The average length of the penis is from 2 to 10 cm while flaccid and about 8–18 cm when erected. And penis should not be measured when flaccid as this is not representative of actual length, but it should be measured when erected starting from the base to the top, where the urethra opening is. And the penis is not considered short if it is longer than 8 cm.

The shorter the penis when flaccid, the longer it is when erected; therefore, the size of the penis when it is flaccid does not necessarily tell its size when fully erect.

Overweight can make the penis look smaller than it is as part of its base is covered in fats around the belly and will thus be hidden. And the size of the penis can also be affected by other things, for example, coldness and worry, which can make the penis temporarily look smaller.

Increasing Penis Length

Penis size and sexual performance ” Increasing Penis Length “

Some people think that men that have bigger penis are more capable of satisfying their partners during sexual connection, and this is not true in any way, as there are a lot of factors like understanding and foreplay and responding the partner’s needs and wants that are more important in sexual life than the size of any body part. Women do not care about the length of the penis as much as men do, but they care about the personality and attractiveness, and this is manifested in lots of studies and surveys.

It is important that we remember that the penis size does not affect the sexual performance and that regardless of how small it may be it is probably normal.

Penis bend ” Increasing Penis Length “

It is common for the penis to slightly bend towards left or right when erected. Nevertheless, only when the bend in the penis causes you problems like pain while having sex or if you were feeling unusual lumps in the penis that you should see a doctor or a specialist in urology and sexual health, because this can be Peyronie’s disease or penile fibrosis.


A surgery to increase penis length ” Increasing Penis Length “

The World Wide Web (internet) is prevailed by pornographic sites that offer penile lengthening from pills to penis stretching devices, and they make millions to resolve this dilemma that overwhelms many men.

The surgery that lengthens the penis includes cutting the suspensory ligament. This ligament links the penis to the pelvic area and supports the penis in a vertical position when it is erected. When a cut takes place in that ligament, the penis hangs down which makes it look longer and also cutting the ligament may cause the penis to point downwards during erection.

This procedure causes an average increase of 1.3 cm in the penis length. However, many men are not happy with the result. Whereas people who ask for the surgery think that their penis is very small, most of them has an average size penis; therefore, doctors consider their problem to psychological and they should see a psychologist before considering surgery.

Suction of fats ” Increasing Penis Length “

This is good for men who are excessively obese, because removing fats from the belly and especially the pubic area can help. This technique entails fats suction complications and side effects which is the same as any surgical intervention.

Nonsurgical techniques ” Increasing Penis Length “

A lot of nonsurgical techniques are being sold on the basis that they can enlarge the penis and these include the following:

  1. The vacuum pumps: they are harmful with time as it ruins the penis tissues through repetitive pulling and there is no evidence on its effectiveness in increasing penis length.
  2. Penis stretchers and stretching devices.
  3. Pills, nutritional supplements, and creams: there is little evidence that any of those methods works.
  4. Jelqing: there is no scientific evidence on the effectiveness of this method in lengthening the penis.
  5. When obese, losing weight can make the penis look bigger because belly fats can hide some of the penis base.

Exercises do no help in enlarging the penis but they can improve self-esteem and foster sexual life.

Looking at the penis from above makes it look shorter than it really it, and if you looked at it in the mirror from the front or the side, which is how other people see it, the penis will look bigger.

Increasing the penis girth ” Increasing Penis Length “

The surgical operation to increase penis girth may include injecting the fats taken from anywhere in the body into the penis. There is a danger that the penis may look asymmetrical or nodal, and scars may form. And also the injected fats can disappear with time, and there are very few evidences on the effectiveness and the risks of this technique on the long run.

Increasing Penis Length

The important steps in the operation of penis enlargement

Alternatives in case of non satisfaction about the length include the following:

  1. Improving the psychological state and understanding the correct state of the penis and its function and anatomy.
  2. Shaving the pubic hair when can give a feeling of a short penis.
  3. Losing weight because accumulating of fats in the belly gets accumulated around the penis base and it looks smaller, and studies say that gaining an extra 10 KG means shortening the penis by 1 cm!
  4. Exercising which makes the person have greater self-confidence and improves his sexual ability.
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