All facts about water pills

All facts about water pills

Water pills are one of the types of small dose diuretics which are given as a treatment for uncontrolled hypertension. Some people who are fond of fitness use it for weight loss and muscle building by taking it daily without any medical prescription.

All facts about water pills

Are water pills safe and effective?

If we consider it useful, it’s useful only for athletes who need muscle building. Since they have low fat content in their bodies, so water loss by body dehydration (mode of action of water pills) shows their muscles clearly.
But in cases of people who suffer from excessive body fat deposition, water pills are useless which cause diuresis of water and money together.

What is the mode of action of water pills?

Fat layer lies directly above body muscles, so water diuresis in persons who have excessive body fat deposition will participate in lowering some few centimeters in their body contour. This little loss will comeback after drinking 1-2 cup of water.

All facts about water pills
Using water pills are useless to these people compared with athletes. In addition to some side effects caused by water pills such as renal dysfunction, hypertension and arrhythmias.
So we can assure that there are no pills for fat burning/loss. The only way for fat loss is by decreasing fat intake and exercise.

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