Woman With Two Uteruses Pregnant With Two Babies

double uterus double pregnancy

double uterus double pregnancy !! A 34-year-old American obstetric nurse called Angie Cromar has one of the rarest pregnancies in the world, reported AOL.com in the article “Woman Pregnant With 2 Babies due a Week Apart” by Lauren Frayer. She and her husband are expecting two babies, but they aren’t twins. Angie has a condition called uterus didelphys, a congenital abnormality where the developing female fetus forms two uteruses instead of one. Sometimes the affected person will also have two vaginas or one divided vagina.

The condition is incredibly rare and in some cases, is not even diagnosed.

Angie Cromar knew she had uterus didelphys but she had had two previous singleton pregnancies normally and both her children are healthy so she didn’t consider the possibility of a double pregnancy. Such an occurrence is so rare it is estimated to occur only one in five million pregnancies.

Double Pregnancy Baby Joy – double uterus double pregnancy

An ultrasound scan found that Angie had a five-week and four-day-old embryo in one uterus and a six-week and one- day old embryo in the other uterus, meaning they were conceived at different times and they are not twins, but separate siblings.

Her obstetrician, Dr. Steve Terry, told AOL.com, “Probably less than 100 double pregnancies so far worldwide have been reported. So she’s a member of a small, elite club.”

Angie’s husband was so shocked he didn’t believe her when she told him the news about the pregnancy.

“He didn’t believe me for a little while”, she said to her local news station.

Twins Born Two Months Apart

Another woman in Romania, Maricica Tescu, made headlines in 2005 when she gave birth to two boys – one from each of her uteruses. Her babies were non-identical twins, but the thing that made their birth so unique was that they were born two months apart. The first twin was born prematurely and suffered breathing difficulties while his mother still had not gone into labor with the second twin.

Doctors decided to leave the remaining twin inside his mother to give him the best chance and he was delivered by caesarean section at full term. This break of 59 days between births made Maricica’s pregnancy one of the rarest in the world, with only 11 other cases recorded worldwide.

Symptoms of a Double Uterus

Women who have a double uterus are often unaware, but symptoms can include:

  • bleeding during a period, even with a tampon in place
  • pain before a period
  • pain during a period that does not feel like normal period pain

Women with a double uterus who get pregnant are at higher risk of miscarriage and may have had several prior to their diagnosis. They are also at greater risk of premature birth because the uterus cannot stretch to the same size as a single uterus.

double uterus double pregnancy

double uterus double pregnancy

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