Pets Contribute to a Healthy Life: An Animal Can Do As Much Good As Medicine

Pets Contribute to a Healthy Life

Pets Contribute to a Healthy Life; Research is now acknowledging what pet owners have always known, that their animals make them healthier.

It seems everywhere you turn, from TV to books to doctors’ advice, pets are being associated with good things in peoples’ lives. Experts are finding owning and caring for a pet leads to a longer life and a healthier one. Each will have a different personality and makes most everyone smile.

Helpful for Your Heart – Pets Contribute to a Healthy Life

In You: Staying Young, by Michael Roizen, M.D. and Mehmet Oz, M.D., (Simon & Schuster, Inc.), the authors indicate that people who add a pet to their lives after having a heart attack reduce their risk of another heart attack. Petting an animal has also been shown to lower blood pressure which also equates to protecting your heart.

Reduces Stress – Pets Contribute to a Healthy Life

Particularly in today’s world, stress has become the norm and can be responsible for many illnesses. One reason could be because it compromises our immune system. Even if you feel an animal is more trouble than its worth, the publication mentioned above indicated that just imagining you have a pet and walking it can lower your stress level. Face it, anything that is always there for you when you need a little comfort without asking for anything in return or arguing with you is bound to make you feel better!

Gives You a Purpose – Pets Contribute to a Healthy Life

It is well-known that, after people retire, too many times they haven’t planned any activities or a reason to get out of the house. Although doing nothing sounds good, it gets old fast. Just eating and sleeping may be one reason researchers find some new retirees often die within a year. Everyone needs a purpose to get out of bed in the morning. Dogs, particularly, have to be fed and walked or, at least, let outside, according to these virtual veterinary services.

Social Opportunities – Pets Contribute to a Healthy Life

Even though you have never been an animal lover, pets have a way of weaving themselves around your heart. Walking a dog invites others to strike up a conversation about animals. This can lead to satisfying relationships for the long-term. Personal interaction is especially important for the retiree and social ties are a part of stress management for everyone.

Pets as Lifesavers – Pets Contribute to a Healthy Life

Most everyone has heard of pets saving their owner’s life by alerting them to an impending medical crisis. Arden Moore, in Get a Pet-Doctor’s Orders on the Prevention website, points out ongoing research into dogs’ abilities to alert us to medical conditions, as well as how animals can speed the healing process.

Be Realistic When Selecting a Pet

All pets require some time and expense. A long-haired poodle that requires constant grooming at the vet might not be the best choice for an elderly person on a fixed income or a large collie might not be practical for an apartment dweller.

Pets Contribute to a Healthy Life

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