“Shocking” facts about sleep !

sleeping hours

Sleeping plays an important role in life. Therefore, we will show you through the next paragraphs some facts you may not know about sleeping.

Sleeping cleans the brain.

Sleeping is considered to be the golden time for brain cells cleaning and getting rid of toxins and waste products accumulated throughout the whole day.

Some researchers who discovered this fact said “In fact, cleaning process is very important and needs huge amount of energy, so the brain is unable to do this task during waking hours”.

The night cleaning task is very useful, as it protects against neurological illness.

sleeping hours

Women need more sleeping hours than men.

As the main purpose of sleeping is brain recovery and auto-repair. So according to a research published in Duke University in USA, women need more sleeping hours than men for brain recovery and get rid of anxiety and depression.

The researchers said that women can do many tasks in the same time, so their brain needs to get sleeping hours than men.

Full moon interferes with sleeping.

Scientists in Basel University noticed that brain activity related to deep sleeping phase decrease by about 30% in full moon time.

On the other hand, some trials involved some volunteers reported that they needed about additional 5 minutes to fall in sleep. Also their sleeping time decreased by about 20 minutes. So the researchers concluded that our biological circadian clock is related to lunar phases.

February is the worst month for sleeping.

Some British scientists reported that in February we need more time to fall in sleep. Also February is the coldest month in the whole year, so we try to warm our place.

Warming usually interferes with good sleeping; also long-time absence of sun rays has a direct role in bad uncomfortable sleeping.

Sleeping has a genetic factor.

Researchers in Philadelphia University in USA discovered that sleeping has a genetic factor.

This explains why some people need only 5 hours of sleep to restore their activity, while others stay tired until they get 9 hours of sleeping.

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