What to do in the Fifth Month of Pregnancy

fifth month of pregnancy

Register for Childbirth Preparation Classes

While most parents will not be taking their childbirth classes until their last trimester, registering for class should be done much sooner than that. Expectant parents have researched various methods and option for classes and spoken to instructors in their area during the early second trimester. So the fifth month of pregnancy is one of the best times to choose and register for childbirth classes.

For parents who think childbirth preparation classes are a waste of their time, think again. The right class will help prepare both mother and father for what is ahead for pregnancy, childbirth and the first few weeks home with baby. No one class is right for everyone, so parents ought to take the best class for them.


Begin Purchasing Baby Items in Fifth Month of Pregnancy

By the fifth month, parents will be starting preparations on the baby nursery and assessing what items are needed for baby. Do they need a crib or co-sleeper? What about a changing table or dresser? What clothing items are needed? What about a car seat and a stroller? If mom is planning to breastfeed, what about a breast pump?

Can baby items be borrowed from friends or family? Are there some baby items that can be purchased online or requested from a baby shower? Be sure to check furniture safety guidelines if baby items are borrowed, since some of the older baby furniture may have been manufactured prior to safety guidelines.

Make Decisions About Day Care versus Staying at Home

Are you planning to stay at home with baby? Can you work from home? Will you be returning to work outside the home? Will you work part-time or full-time after baby comes? When will you return to work? Women have many choices with regard to balancing motherhood with a careers. Planning ahead of time is important, no matter if mom stays home or returns to work.

Wait lists for day care can be long. In many cases, day care centers and home day care options will require registration as early as possible during pregnancy. If they haven’t already begun the process, the fifth month of pregnancy is perhaps the latest time parents should start interviewing for a day care provider or taking tours of local day care centers if mom is choosing to work outside the home.

Begin Writing a Birth Plan in the Fifth Month of Pregnancy

Birth plans are not just for mothers planning to have a natural childbirth. There are many choices to make regarding childbirth, including the use of medication and medical interventions, eating and drinking during labor, mobility throughout labor and choices for feeding baby. One of the best ways for mothers to get their concerns and preferences down is to write a birth plan.

As expectant mothers begin to formulate their preferences, sharing their birth plan with the care provider during the fifth month of pregnancy is perhaps one of the best times in pregnancy to do so. There is plenty of time for discussion between mother and care provider and opportunity to iron out any disagreements. There is even adequate time for mothers to switch to another care provider should differences become too challenging.

The fifth month of pregnancy is a busy time. However, if you are taking good care of yourself, you can rest assured that your pregnancy is off to a great start. Checking off important details in the second trimester can help keep you organized and prepared for what is ahead. Don’t forget to continue all of the healthy lifestyle choices from the first month of pregnancy including healthy nutrition, regular exercise and taking prenatal vitamins.


What to do in the Fifth Month of Pregnancy

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