Genital Warts During Pregnancy

fifth month of pregnancy

Pregnancy Hormones May Cause Genital Warts to Grow

The hormonal changes which take place during pregnancy can cause changes to genital warts. According to the National Women’s Health Information Center, genital warts may grow or bleed during this time. This generally causes discomfort, but it is important to have the doctor monitor the size of genital warts during pregnancy.

Although treating genital warts can generally wait until after birth, there are some instances in which they may become large enough to cause an obstruction in the vagina or may block the birth canal. Under these circumstances, the doctor may want to treat genital warts during pregnancy. Note that topical medications are not safe to use during this time. If the genital warts block the birth canal, it may also be ideal to discuss the option of a caesarean delivery.


No Link Between HPV and Pregnancy Complications

Women who are afraid that genital warts may cause them to experience pregnancy complications do not need to worry. The Human Papillomavirus has not been linked to miscarriage, preterm birth, or any other pregnancy complications. Since all of these complications are very serious, this is very good news for women who have a history of HPV.

Genital Warts May be Passed to the Baby During Birth

There is a very small risk that HPV can be passed to a newborn baby during birth. The newborn baby may get warts in its throat or voice box, according to the National Women’s Health Information Center. Since this is very rare, genital warts during pregnancy are not usually a reason to have a caesarean delivery unless they block the birth canal.

Genital warts do not cause serious risks or complications during pregnancy. While there is a small risk that the warts may be passed to the baby or may block the birth canal, HPV does not cause miscarriage or preterm labor. The biggest problem that most women who have genital warts during pregnancy is that they become larger or bleed during this time. Any woman who has a history of genital warts and HPV should be sure to notify her health care provider, however.


Genital Warts During Pregnancy

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