How to Announce You are Pregnant at Work: Creative Announcements

announcing your pregnancy

Deliver the news that you are pregnant to co-workers with one of these creative ideas. Make your announcement memorable while spending very little time and money.

Finding out you are pregnant is a very exciting and momentous occasion. Some prefer to wait until the end of the first trimester before announcing the news while others shout it from the rooftops the minute the pregnancy test reads positive. The timing is up to you but instead of just announcing “I’m pregnant” to your co-workers, try one of these creative solutions.

Indirect Approaches

Buy a baby themed picture frame to place on your desk. In place of the picture, print out a card to go in its place that says the picture will be delivered in the month and year that you are expecting to deliver. If you already have an ultrasound picture, use the picture in the frame.

If your computer screen is visible by co-workers when they walk past your desk, add your ultrasound picture as the background or screensaver on your computer. You can also change your status message or background on social networking sites to indicate you are expecting a big delivery in nine months.

Particularly if this is your first child, leave a parenting or pregnancy magazine in plain view on your desk. Casually walk into the office with a pregnancy book in hand with the title visible to all you pass.

Make your pregnancy symptoms, cravings and off limit items known. Donate your stash of alcohol to other coworkers and state you will not be able to drink for a while. Have crackers and ginger ale with you at all times to ward off morning sickness. Do not be shy about letting everyone know about your pickles and ice cream craving.

Direct Approaches

Offer to bring snacks into the office one day. Make cupcakes and spell out “I’m pregnant” on top of the cupcakes. Or you can achieve the same effect by spelling it out with a garnish on top of a dip for chips. Another option is to being in cinnamon buns with a note attached that you now have a bun in the oven.

If your office has a more casual dress code or has casual Fridays, wear a shirt announcing you are pregnant to all of your co-workers. If it is possible to have another of your children at work, have her wear a shirt declaring she is going to be a big sister.

Bake fortune cookies with a custom message inside announcing your pregnancy. Pass the fortune cookies out to co-workers and watch as they break open their fortune cookie and read about what your future holds.

During a staff meeting, deliver updates for your department and casually include the update that you are pregnant in the middle of delivering other information.

Announcing your pregnancy does not have to be done in a boring way. Add a little creativity to the mix when letting those at work know that you are expecting.


How to Announce You are Pregnant at Work: Creative Announcements

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