The Pregnancy Pact on Lifetime: Teen Pregnancy in a Small Town

teen pregnancy pregnancy pact

Conservative Values Face Reality

Sidney returns to the town of Gloucester and her first encounter is with Lorraine Dougan (Nancy Travis), the mother of a teenage girl and the president of the conservative values group. She has pitted herself against the school nurse (Camryn Manheim) who wants the school to supply condoms. Lorraine says that condoms would only increase sexual activity among the students. She says what they really need is their parents to teach them good values and abstinence.

What Lorraine doesn’t know is that her own daughter Sara (Madisen Beaty) is trying to get pregnant. After her friend Rose got pregnant, Sara and the rest of her group decided they should all get pregnant together so they could raise their kids together, take them to the park together, and be parents together. What they don’t even consider are the consequences of having a child when they are still children themselves.


Sidney uncovers the pact between the girls and is dumbfounded, just like viewers will be. Are these girls crazy or just plain stupid? Even the most liberal minded viewer will most likely have the urge to shake these girls and scream at them.

While Sidney is befriending the girls, Sara is caught in the middle. On the one hand she is one of the pregnant girls who is oblivious to all the problems she is about to face, and on the other hand her parents are shocked to discover they did not have the desired results with their parenting skills. Another completely disturbing part about this whole story is that Sara’s mother Lorraine, after the initial shock and humiliation, embraces the idea of a little baby in the house.

The Movie Stirs Up Strong Emotions

If this movie had not been inspired by true events, it would evoke anger and frustration among the viewers. Knowing there were and are young girls who actually think like the girls in the film is incredibly upsetting, frightening, and disconcerting.

For the film to stir up this much emotion, the cast has done their job. In this day and age when pregnancy prevention is easier than ever, there is no need for the high teen pregnancy rate. However these girls are not interested in preventing pregnancy. They welcome it. They still have at least a year ahead of them in high school, but they don’t even consider that. All they want to do is to be mothers even though they do not understand in the least what it takes to be a decent parent.

If all this is not upsetting enough, the school has a day care center. This in itself means there is something very wrong in this town.

Viewers will also find out more about Sidney as the story unravels.

If this movie doesn’t stir up shocking emotions and enrage the viewers, nothing will.

The Pregnancy Pact premiers Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 9 PM ET/PT on Lifetime Television.


The Pregnancy Pact on Lifetime: Teen Pregnancy in a Small Town

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