Reiki For Pregnancy: Health Benefits of Channelling Spiritual Energy to Expectant Mothers

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Reiki is an ancient healing practice, which uses meditation to draw positive energy from the universe and funnel it into an individual. The power of reiki has always been used to relieve stress and fortify physical and emotional well-being, and this very power can also be extended to promote health during pregnancy.

Expectant mothers have always been advised to enjoy pregnancy, but common health issues often mar this experience. Unlike prescription medications, which just relieve symptoms, reiki goes beyond just the physical sense to provide emotional support and bring a sense of calm and positivity to both mother and her unborn child.

Health Benefits During Pregnancy

The intense bodily changes associated with pregnancy disrupt the energy balance in the body. Reiki acts at this very crux and restores balance, strengthens the spirit of a woman and alleviates common complaints such as backaches, nausea, and morning sickness and relieves every stretched and aching part of one’s body. As the pregnancy progresses, it also helps reduce pain during labour.

Reiki also instills peace and serenity in a mother and calms the fear of unknown. Studies show that reiki given during pregnancy reduced anxiety by 94 percent, nausea by 80 percent, pain by 78 percent and improved sleep by 86 percent. Studies have also shown that need for C-sections reduces in moms who have had them earlier, if they practice reiki.

A woman encounters many emotional highs and lows in her journey from conception to the birth of her child. Practice of reiki reduces the stress of adjusting to a new baby and the baby better adjusts to the world outside the womb.


Suggested Hand Positions For Reiki During Pregnancy

For one to be able to practice reiki on their own, they need to be attuned by a reiki master. Once done, here are a few reiki hand positions that can be practiced during pregnancy.

  1. Placing one hand on sternum and the other on the back.
  2. Placing one hand on the base of the neck and the other on the base of the spine (coccyx)
  3. In late pregnancy, place both hands on either side of the lower abdomen. The partner can do this as well.


  1. Always give reiki to the whole body as this will help stabilise the body equally.
  2. Never concentrate on one single part of the body as this might imbalance the natural energies of mother or the baby.
  3. All toxins formed during pregnancy are natural and in some manner useful to baby and mother, so one has to know what they are healing or balancing.

Reiki can do no harm. Its benefits are manifold and it is therefore gaining prominence as a healing art. More and more fathers are getting attuned to reiki so they can treat their partners during different phases of pregnancy and the child after delivery.


Reiki For Pregnancy: Health Benefits of Channelling Spiritual Energy to Expectant Mothers

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