Teenage Pregnancy Online Resources: US Websites with Advice on Healthcare, Parenting and Birth Control

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Teen pregnancy and parenthood can be an overwhelming and turbulent experience. Fortunately, there are a lot of online resources for teenage parents and young people who are either pregnant or considering having a baby. This article gives an overview over suitable American websites. The websites which are not hyperlinked can be easily found with the help of search engines by using the title as search word.

Counseling and Support for Teen Mothers

  • The National Critten Foundation provides tutoring, counseling and other means of support for young moms. Its vision, as outlined on their website, is for young women to live in a just world where they can visualize and achieve their unique potential. Phone: 1-866-449-2217

Parenting Advice for Teens

  • The National Fatherhood Initiative wants to improve the well-being of children by encouraging fathers to be committed, responsible parents, offering advice to young dads.
  • Parents as Teachers is a free, nationwide parent education and family support program. It regards the early years of a child’s life as critical for optimal development and wants to support and educate parents who are described as the first and most influential teachers of a child. Phone: 1-866-728-4968 (1-866-PAT4YOU).
  • MVParents provides a free parenting newsletter and a variety of information, for example on child development and everyday parenting.

Health Care Information for Young Parents

  • The Health Teen Network is an advocate for policies in support of young families and provides valuable information about health care coverage and health issues.
  • KidsHealth calls itself the web’s most visited site about children’s health. It provides a wide range of information in the three different sections parents, kids and teens. Examples are a week by week pregnancy calendar/guide and practical health information about babies and perinatal physiotherapy and support afterwards.
  • Kaiser State Health Facts wants to provide free, up-to-date, and easy-to-use health data on all the 50 states, covering important questions on health care access for moms and their children in their home state.

Planned Parenthood/ Birth Control Information for Teens

  • Planned Parenthood covers topics like abortion, birth control, body image, morning after pill, men’s sexual health, pregnancy, relationships, sex and sexuality, sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) and women’s health.

Websites about Teen Pregnancy and Pregnancy Prevention

  • The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy offers information on teen pregnancy, sex, birth control and other topics.
  • Stay Teen provides tips and advice on safe sex, abstinence and healthy relationships.
  • Everybody’s Not Doing It and Abstinence Clearinghouse both advertise abstinence as a way of preventing teen pregnancy. While the former wants to offer an open discussion on the challenges of remaining abstinent, the latter offers a network, a blog for discussion and abstinence-on-location programs.

Teenage Pregnancy Online Resources: US Websites with Advice on Healthcare, Parenting and Birth Control

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