Clipped Women

Clipped Women

Clipped Women

Family problems lead to Mental Disorders

Women often are prone to psychiatric disorders as a result of an interactive exposure to men’s abuse in her life.

Clipped Women

Woman suffers everywhere in the world from the domination of men, whether these men are:
fathers, brothers, husbands, and husbands are the more males who she suffers from them and their maltreatment,
due to the complex relationship that binds woman and man with a marriage contract.
Wife suffers a lot of bad behavior of her husband because some husbands believed that he owned entirely the woman,
and can do whatever he wants.
A woman in our Arab societies may be suffering more, because of the difficulties faced by the divorced woman,
or the woman who refuses to live with her husband.

Clipped Women

I had many stories passed on, of bad relationships between the men and their wives,
in which the woman is the side which suffers greatly, but they can not walk away from her abusive husband.
A woman whose husband has disturbance of psychological disorder, it is a suspicious doubt;
where the husband believes that his wife betrayed him, although he had no proof of this,
so he prevents her from visiting men, even her brothers and incestuous relatives of men,
and with all of this he doubts that his eldest daughter is not his daughter,
also, asks this fifteen years old daughter not to sit with them to eat,
and not to sit with the rest of the family when watching television.

He always persecutes this daughter because – according to his doubts –
he believes that she is not his daughter, so always call her with harsh words
and she is not resemble him because she is not his daughter.
Imagine this little girl who is not older than fifteen, while she hears from her father,
who is supposed to be the one who relieves the problems she faces in her adolescence.

Clipped Women

The life of the entire family was unbearable,
as the wife that her husband showers her with a barrage of accusations every day for betraying him and prevents her expense,
although his monthly income is good, but he does not give the wife and children of any amount of money.
This made the wife asking him to have treatment from the disorder he is suffering from.

not his daughter

Actually he was admitted to one of the specialized clinics in treating the mental disorders,
but his family brought him out of the clinic back again to torture his wife and his weak children.

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