Protect your child from sexual harassment, and learn how to reveal it

sexual harassment Sexual abuse

sexual harassment, Sexual abuse can be defined as: the process of participation of children and adolescents under the age of 18 in sexual activities which they do not fully understand and which can not be approved or rejected by virtue of the power and authority of the abuser, whether inside or outside the family. Rape and slavery and the exploitation of children in pornography

sexual harassment Sexual abuse

The manifestations of sexual abuse of children (aged 5 years or less) are as follows:

1:Not feeling safe

2:Show fear of a particular person

3:Show discomfort when changing his underwear

4:Inflammation of the larynx

5:Degradation and sometimes pornographic behaviors.

6:Pee reflex

7:Serenity and tension.

8:A change in behavior, such as hinting at a hidden secret, a change in mood, describing himself as bad or dirty, or putting himself in positions to be beaten (because of his guilt)

9:ulcers in the genital areas.

10:Binge eating

11:Suicide attempts

12:Escape from home.

13:Naughty words / movements and inappropriate sexual behavior, such as playing with those who are smaller than him, and doing finger sucking

14:Practice masturbation heavily.

15:Theft and lying.

16:Dreams are troublesome and nightmares.

17:Retreat in school achievement and escape from school with shyness and aggressive behavior and move away from hobbies and the emergence of some sexual features in their drawings.

Trust your senses, if you  felt that there is something unusual Do not condone

sexual harassment Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse at the age of 12 years and over:

1:Clear change in behavior and hobbies.

2:Fights and frenzy.

3:Afraid to take off his clothes or any excess pornography.

4:Ulcers in the throat

5:Headache and vomiting

6:Nightmares and a kind of self-confining.

7:Going out for a long time from home.

8:Depression and alcohol or drug abuse

9:Lack of focus in the study.

10:Gaze at others, and tries to seduce others

11:The inability to establish a straight friendly relation

Trust your senses, if you  felt that there is something unusual Do not condone

General tips to protect children from harassment Sexual:

Teach the child:

1:To respect himself and he is of value and importance.

2:The privacy of the body and teaching the child what areas of his body and no one is allowed to touch his body.

3:Train the child to boldness and encourage the expression of feelings and training on it.

4:Train the child how to talk about the fear of things and people while listening to children and do not doubt their feelings; by teaching how to go to other people can help.

5:Awareness of your children from strangers, and their careful knowledge of all people.

6:Make it more aware of the possibility of being exposed to fraud through  stories of conscious and educational.

7:Understand that it is not always a must to keep the secrets.

8:Do not reprimand if something he did and do not like.

9:Teach him if he got lost to stay in his place and not go with anyone.

10:Teach him how to seek help and aid.

11:Not to leave the house without telling the parents about his place and with whom.

12:Teach him how to defend himself.

13:Better not to drink or eat anything when others.

14:teach him that if he saw one of his friends scream or was hurt to tell his family and the parents of the child

sexual harassment Sexual abuse

Keep saying :

Feeling is not a fault, it can be behavior and not feeling.

If sexual harassment is committed, parents should act with caution, maintain calm, not threaten children, and not put responsibility on them. The child needs safety and support.

Protect your child from sexual harassment, and learn how to reveal it

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