Sexual Violence against Children and Its Psychological Fallout

sexual aggression

We must know that children are always liable to sexual violence whether they are boys or girls. The family as well has to be careful that its children neither get hurt nor sexually assaulted , especially because research in some countries of the world has stated that one child out of four might be subjected to sexual aggression, particularly the ones at the age of ten.

Most kinds of sexual assault to those children happen by a person who is a trusted family member, or by the friends and those who take care of them.

sexual aggression

The Sexual Assault could be physical, oral, or moving. It includes:

  • The sexual touching and admiring of the child.
  • Child is exposed to sexual activity, a sexual film, or shameful photos.
  • Asking the child to do what he saw in a sexual film.
  • Taking a shower with an adult.

While The Sexual Rape Concludes:

Forcing the child, seducing him, or having sex with him under obligation and getting him/her to know.

What is sex? Gradually, this kind of aggression starts and increases over time. Since trust and depending on other people’s honesty are the nature of children, it is usually rare to use violence with children because they often want to please the ones they love.
Because children are more often asked not to dispute the orders, they think that reason is connected to the people elder than them, so that they obey those ones.

To have sex with a child is to impose a power upon him/ her, violating the healthy natural life’s right.

The child’s life will lack trust through his relations with others.

sexual assault

The Indications of the Sexual Aggression:

Because a lot of children’s sexual assault accidents are not told by those children, people surrounding the children have to indicate the sexual attack’s signs  of ” sexual violence “.

They are represented as following:
  • Unjustified physical symptoms.
  • Fear and to want out of seeing certain people or *places.
  • Insomnia.
  • Headache.
  • Study troubles.
  • Leaving the family, friends, and activities away.
  • Returning to the childish behaviors even if they are young.
  • Self-disrespect.
  • Hurting one’s self by a certain behavior.
  • aggression.
  • Addiction to alcohol.
  • The appearance of early signs of extreme sexual activity.
  • Suicide attempts.

Other symptoms usually appear, for example:

  1. Getting those children to have sex by force with other children.
  2. Talking about sex, and they might practice that in front of family if they are children.
  3. Unjustified pains in the sexual organs, anus, and crying a lot.
Suffering Without Words ” sexual violence “:

Children suffer badly from sexual assault, and they are likely to not be able to tell anyone about that, especially when this act is done by one of their family members, a trustworthy person, or friends.

sexual violence

They cannot do that because of the next:

  • Children are not strong enough to describe what happened with complaint.
  • They were being threatened not to remember what happened.
  • The issue gets confusing to them because the sexual aggression is accompanied with lots of caring and love around.
  • Doubt the family will not trust what they are talking about.
  • They feel embarrassed thinking that what had happened to them is a kind of punishment because they are naughty children.
  • Feel embarrassed to mention what had occurred to them.
  • They fear to cause a real problem and having the people they love in troubles.However, this silence helps the ones who commit the sexual aggression against the children to go on with their manner. It also protects those attackers and hurts those victims among children. Nevertheless, this sort of assault is deeply complicated and causes serious wrongs.

The feelings of child victims of sexual assault:

There are different feelings and emotions that children who were attacked sexually have. They include:

Fear of the one who sexually assaulted them and getting in trouble

Because of what took place or losing the ones they love. They fear to be driven out of their homes.

Children fear of that change which comes to their lives.

Anger with the person who attacked them and with those people surrounding them because they didn’t protect them enough; they also feel angry with themselves.


Since an incorrect incident took place, and during the assault, they feel lonely. They suffer from a problem of how to tell their parents what happened.


Especially females, they feel that something is ripped off from them by force losing their childhood to enter a phase where childhood is killed. They feel betrayed by a person they trusted.

Feeling guilty:

Because they could not stop what had happened to them strongly and that they accepted to surrender from the beginning keeping that as a secret not to tell anyone what had occurred.

Feeling ashamed:

Because they were a part of this disdainful behavior and they worry they might have enjoyed some part of what happened.

Knowledgeable confusion:

That they might still love who assaulted them since he/she is close to them. Their feelings swing up and down between pain for what happened and joy.

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