Genital Hygiene: Dos and Don’ts

genital hygiene

Genital Hygiene ; How can you maintain male and female genital hygiene? How many time should you clean the sexual organs? And should you smell good in this area?

You should clean with extreme care but gently ” genital hygiene “

For woman, the vagina is able to automatically self-clean, but, let us be honest, oftentimes we don’t feel that this area is really clean except after washing up.

If you want to use soap, we recommend using only soft or natural types, which do not contain any alcohol or aromatic substances or strong scents. Clean only the outer area and avoid rubbing the internal vaginal area with soap as this can cause itching and inflammations.

The same goes for the man; use lots of water and little of soap, and try to clean the different parts of the male organ; there are lots of skin layers around your penis; try to clean all of them with extreme care.

If you are not circumcised, try to pull down the penis prepuce to clean the glans and get rid of the stench—the white substance that accumulates under the prepuce. The penis glans can automatically, naturally self-clean, but in case you wanted to use soap, use the light or natural kind.

Cleaning the anus area should be done at the final stage of washing up in both man and woman and after cleaning the penis or the vagina; the golden rule here is as follows: lots of water, little soap and trying not to rub too much. And you should clean any remaining soap residuals with water and then dry the genital area well after washing up.

You should avoid inflammations in the urinary tract and the vagina discharges ” genital hygiene “

Genital hygiene is very important; woman tends to have urinary tract inflammations and vaginal inflammations because her urethra is relatively shorter and the vagina is more prone to inflammations compared to the penis.

Sometimes, inflammations cannot be avoided, and that differs from one girl or woman to the other, as there are girls that are more sensitive than others; if this happened to you, consider changing your personal hygiene system.

Again, do not use aromatic, strong creams because they can cause itching and irritation in the genital area. You should also avoid moistening this area so it is recommended to wear clean cotton underwear after sports and sweating and after defecation it is advised to clean this area and wipe it from front and back, in order to avoid being infected with harmful bacteria that can be transmitted from the back area where bacteria are more to the sensitive vaginal area or the urinary tract.

You should notice any change in this area ” genital hygiene “

When cleaning the genital area you should examine and notice any change. Sometimes, there could be some unusual scents and discharges, pores, swells, or painful irritation in this area which are an indication of some problem. You may have a sexually transmitted disease or performed cleaning to an excessive degree.

If you noticed any change, try to keep an eye on your organs for a day or two and if you noticed that they become worse, it is recommended to consult a doctor to make sure everything is good.


You should not be afraid from natural scents ” genital hygiene “

Every vagina and every penis have a certain smell and this is natural and ordinary. There are glands around your genitals that cause sweating, and they are look like the glands in the armpit.

Sweating is normal, and you should never try to block it by using scent removals (deodorants) or by excessive cleaning. Cleaning up once a day is very enough, and you can wash this area before sex.

Instead of using market-sold scented wipes for or strong soap for the genitals, try to keep your natural scent. This area includes pheromones which are considered as a chemical transmitter responsible for attraction feelings between the man and the woman; therefore, your natural scent has a magic without you knowing of attracting the opposite sex to you more than the fake scents.

But in case you had a suspicious or disturbing smell; it is better to visit a doctor. This may be an indication for certain inflammations.

cause itching

You should not use the douche or the whitening cream ” genital hygiene “

Oh my lady, avoid the douche in the genital area; the strong douche can harm the balance in your vaginal area and cause itching and inflammations; and in case you had an infection; using the douche can make things worse by pushing the causative bacteria into the interior and upper part of the vagina and this causes problems in the womb; egg, ovary, and Fallopian tube.

And, my lady, try to avoid creams and powders that claim whitening your genital area, as these may also cause itching and inflammations and thus are harmful.

You should not forget the rest of your body ” genital hygiene “

Self-hygiene is more than just genital cleaning; you will not do yourself or your partner any good if your genital area is well and clean if you have a bad breath or your armpit has sweating smell or if you did not clean this area for weeks as you are harming yourself and those around you.

Therefore, take care to brush your teeth twice a day and to take shower and wash up regularly; and you can sue the scent removal (deodorant) that does not contain much alcohol if you sweat a lot and tend to discharge armpit scents. Also keep your fingernails clean, and also many people take care of cleaning excess hair in their genital area.

All these and other decisions are up to you; finally, it is worth mentioning that if your pubic hair is under control, this will help in cleaning the genital area and maintaining a good smell.

Genital Hygiene: Dos and Don'ts

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