Male Sterility Facts : Five Main Facts you should know it

Male Sterility Facts

Male Sterility Facts; When sterility is spoken of, some think it is a subject related to woman only, but in fact third conception difficulties are due to husband-related problems.

There are several causes and potential factors leading to the problem of sterility in men, and here we have gathered the main ones.

Male Sterility Facts

Sperm weakness ” Male Sterility Facts “

Of course, conception cannot occur without a partner. During sexual intercourse, the man ejaculates between 200 and 300 million sperm, but only around 40 of those reach the egg. Most sperms do not function and fail due to getting blocked by the vagina’s acidity or because they swim sometimes in the wrong tube. Conception takes only one sperm to happen.

And due to the big effort required to reach and fertilize the egg, man’s sterility is primarily a problem in his sperm, for example, low sperm count, low sperm thickness, slow motion of sperm, or unnatural sperm morphology.

What are the other reasons leading to sterility? ” Male Sterility Facts “

In addition to problems in sperm or sperm count, these are some of the other common reasons for sterility:

  • Testicles inflammation
  • Problems in the tubes that sperm pass through
  • Genetic diseases
  • Environmental toxicity
  • Irradiation exposure
  • Hormonal problems
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Fatigue and stress

There are other sexual disorders that can cause sterility such as impotence, retrograde ejaculation into the bladder, delayed ejaculation, or nonejaculation, in addition to other medical disorders such as heating (elevation in body temperature), high blood pressure, and cancer which all can affect fertility.

If you and your partner are trying to have a baby for at least a year and no conception happened, it is better to consult a doctor to find out the reasons.

Healthy life style = increase in fertility.

Regular Breakfast

There are lots of things that can be done to cure a man who has fertility problems, but prior to that some changes should be made in life in a way that increases chances of conception.

The most important thing is to follow a healthy life style to increase your fertility.

You should totally stop smoking, alcohol, and weed because they all lead to decreasing sperm count and developing deformed sperm.

You should also exercise and keep a healthy weight and your body should not be too thin or too fat.

Also try to equip yourself with vitamins and eat healthy foods.

How does a man’s age affect his fertility? ” Male Sterility Facts “

The quantity and quality of the sperm as well as his ability for conception decrease after the age of 40.

Nevertheless, a 90-year-old man is able to impregnate a woman.

This is related to the free radicals that result from metabolism which has affects a man in getting order and having lower quality tissues, but these effects can be lessened by following a healthy life style.

there are habits that can increase the number of free radicals that cause the abilities and vitality of the human being to diminish with age, such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, and eating unhealthy and canned food. Remember that healthy life = increase in fertility.

Male Sterility Facts

Life style in our era affects fertility ” Male Sterility Facts “

Do you know that the heat of the laptop when you put it on your lap can increase the scrotum temperature, which can lead to disruption in sperm and infertility in men?

Likewise, if your life style and food are not healthy, you can then imagine how the quality and quantity of your sperm will diminish in your body and how your belly will enlarge. Again, high temperature is not good for fertilization.

So, if you want your wife to become pregnant, avoid excessive sauna or hot baths. The temperature of these places can kill the sperm in your testicles or weakens their ability to move and swim. But this harm affects only the sperm existing in that moment in your testicles and not on the long run.

But the biggest enemy for sperm is stress, and psychological pressure can lead to impotence and even blocking the way for the glands that are supposed to organize and develop your genital system. If life style in our era leads to stress that prevents us from producing healthy sperm, then perhaps we should reevaluate our daily life style.

increase in fertility

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