Natural Contraception Technique: What is it?

Natural Contraception Technique

Natural Contraception Technique: What is it? A natural contraceptive occurs when a man takes his penis out of the vagina prior to ejaculation in order to prevent conception during sexual intercourse, oftentimes called the withdrawal method. This technique relies on the man and how he adapts himself by withdrawing the penis out of the vagina and the genital area upon ejaculation and controlling this process.

Natural Contraception Technique

Factors governing the process:Natural Contraception Technique

This contraception method is governed by two factors:

  1. It does require mutual agreement between the couple as well as trust in one’s partner. This is probably why many of the women most happy with this method are in committed monogamous relationships.
  2. Ensuring that it does not cause frustration or nonenjoyment of the sexual intercourse if it is interrupted by withdrawing the penis prior to ejaculation, because internal ejaculation is deemed part of the pleasure process of the intercourse.

Note. You can avoid this frustration or nonenjoyment through verbal or sensual flirting–which is called ejaculation hypothetically—by teasing the woman’s genitals till she reaches climax and orgasm.


The method’s success as a contraceptive: Natural Contraception Technique

vagina prior to ejaculation

1- It is important to evoke awareness of the husband to differentiate between ejaculation liquid and preejaculation discharges during erection, sometimes called Cowper’s fluid or precum. These are discharges that facilitate penial penetration into the vagina, so as not to cause pains for the wife. Nevertheless, it is probable that this fluid contains some sperm.

2- A little knowledge of the female menstrual cycle is important, too; she’s most likely to get pregnant in the middle of it.

3- Conducting Kegel exercises can definitely add strength to your pelvic floor muscles, improving the extremely beneficial mind-muscle connection and allowing you to gain better control of your ejaculation.

With enough practice, these exercises will surely enable you to hold off your ejaculation until you’ve pulled out: Contract your pelvic floor muscles—those muscles that allow you to stop urination midstream—for a period of 10 seconds and release them.


Causes of method’s failure in contraception: Natural Contraception Technique

contraception technique

  1. Despite its large effectiveness, this method has a 19% failure rate.
  2. Penial withdrawal out of the vagina prior to ejaculation fails due to the following reasons:
  • Husband suffers from premature ejaculation.
  • Husband is not equipped with sufficient experience to know correct timing for penial withdrawal .

Many women are wondering and saying that this technique causes vaginal dryness which is just an illusion and is wrong, because woman’s vagina is not moistened with the man’s fluid but rather the vagina has its own moistening discharges.


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