testosterone men have power

Scientists called Testosterone “Men Have Power” as it is responsible for the rumbling sound, increasing the muscles size, and growing the bones which classify the mankind. Moreover, it contributes the aggressive feelings, it is vitally important for the sexual lust, natural erection, and the sexual performance.

testosterone men have power

Testosterone, men have power

Although Testosterone affects directly in many tissues, but the worse affections don’t appear till it affects the flesh generating DHT Hermon.
DHT or dihydrotestosterone is another masculine Hermon, as it leads to the appearance of breast hear, sometimes it causes lost the head’s hair.

Testosterone and the heart

testosterone men have power
It doesn’t approve of finding a direct relationship between the Testosterone and the heart, but doctors still doubt for many years in such a relation between them.in fact, men have huge amounts of the hormone of Testosterone more than women, and they have also the early appearance of heart disease by ten years earlier than women.
Sportive people have highly chance to get high blood pressure, heart attack, and Stroke, for those who abuses using the Testosterone. Heart and blood vessels’ disease is one of many diseases that sportive people experience that alerted them for its dangerous usage.

Complecated Relations

It is difficult for scientific to study the heart diseases, one of this difficulty reasons is there are many dangerous factors on heart, like the family’s history, the age, the sex-species, blood pressure, Cholesterol, blood sugar, obesity, smoking, and exercise, and personality.
testosterone men have power
Testosteron transfers via blood by three ways: by its own as a free Testosteron , or when it unites strongly with the sexual protein which is united with a Hermon, which is Globulin, or when it unites slightly with Albumin protein.
Levels of Testosterone changes during the man’s life cycle, as its total level, reduces about 1% yearly when man begins his 40s, while the free Testosterone levels and the slightly united about 2% yearly.


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