Eat These Foods to Treat Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is something that many men suffer from. There a lot of things you can do to treat this but the best ways are always the natural ones, like changing your diet and adding some foods that can help with this problem. “Be Healthy” has picked for you a selection of these foods, in the following list:

1. Watermelon

This fruit is very rich in l-citrulline amino acid, which can help promote erection. Once this element enters the body, it turns into l-arginine and stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow to the genitals and thus promotes erection.

2. Ginger

Ginger is another food that can improve your sexual life by helping blood flow and improving arterial health.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Cardiology, consuming a teaspoon of it a few times a week is all you need to obtain all of its benefit.

It has also been shown to raise the levels of testosterone and sperm survival.


 3. Pomegranate

A recent study found that pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants that support blood flow and can help improve erection.

Experiments on animals have confirmed that it improves long-term erectile response.
One cup of pomegranate contains 31 grams of sugar; therefore, it is recommended to dilute it with a little water.

4. Green tea

A drink rich in antioxidants, saves you from belly fat, and accelerates the liver’s ability to convert fats into energy.

Antioxidants increase desire by boosting blood flow to the lower region, destroying free radicals that cause vacuities, increasing blood transfusion, and stimulating blood vessel cells to release nitric oxide, increasing the volume of blood vessels, this improves blood flow and improves performance. Two cups a day or even more are very beneficial.

5. Dark chocolate

Cocoa promotes serotonin support, which reduces stress levels, increases desire and facilitates ecstasy.

It also increases the blood flow through the arteries and relaxes the blood vessels, thus delivering blood to all regions, promoting sexual pleasure.

6. Oats

These popular breakfast cereals are a good source of l-arginine, an amino acid commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction.

In addition, whole grains such as oats also help to lower blood cholesterol levels, as its height leads to atherosclerosis, poor blood flow. Take this as a rule, the better the cholesterol levels, the better the erection will be.

7. Pine

Pines are very rich in zinc, which helps with keeping sex-motivated. Pine is also a good source of magnesium, which enhances testosterone and sperm health.

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