Resist Diabetes with the ‘Frog Posture’ of Yoga: Mandukasana Increases Secretion of Natural Insulin by Your Pancreas

Natural Insulin Frog Posture Mandukasana

There are many who suffer from Diabetes that lifestyle ailment which comes with a rich diet and lack of exercise due to a sedentary job. The outcome of the Mandukasana posture of Yoga is to stimulate your pancreas to secrete more insulin. While doing the Mandukasana pose your body resembles a frog hence the name ‘Frog Posture.’

There are three versions of the Mandukasana. In the first version you crouch on a mat. If you suffer from any hip related ailment and cannot crouch on a mat, you may move to the second version where you may sit or on a chair.

How to Do the First Version of the Mandukasana

You can crouch on a mat in a hunkered down posture. Bend your knees and tuck in your feet below your thighs and buttocks. You need to keep your back ramrod straight. Now start moving your folded legs apart so that they form a V. But as you move your legs away, the tips of your toes should still touch each other. Now place your arms in front of you with your palms placed flat on the mat to support your erect posture. Keep breathing normally.

The first version helps you to lose excess fat around your hip and thighs over a few weeks. This is basically a stretching exercise that stimulates your digestive system to function better. This in turn helps your body to regulate your blood sugar levels.

How to Do the Second Version of the Mandukasana

You can do the second version sitting on a chair, so all those who have problems sitting on a mat can start with the second version of Mandukasana. Start by inhaling and exhaling. This clears your nasal tract. Place your palms across your abdomen and press them gently against your navel. Inhale deeply and hold your breath. Pause for a moment and then exhale vigorously.

Press your palms gently against your navel and start bending at your hip so that your chin touches your knees. If you can do this then move on to bend further and touch your nose to the ground beyond your knees. This is difficult, but you can try to touch your knees with your nose. Pause at this position. Of course, you get the best results from this exercise the more you can bend.

How to Do the Third Version of the Mandukasana

In the third version of this exercise, you roll your palms into fists and push them deep into the two sides of your navel. Here again you repeat the cycle of movements of the second version.

How to come out of the Mandukasana

To come out you can slowly lift your back and inhale while doing so. Repeat all the above steps as long as you are comfortable. The pressure you apply against your navel while bending helps your digestive system to function better. The best time to do Mandukasana is early morning on an empty stomach before you have your bed tea or breakfast.

The Benefits of the Mandukasana

The result of the three versions of this exercise is that your pancreas is stimulated to secrete more natural insulin. With more insulin at the body’s disposal there is faster and better digestion with the consequent regulation of blood sugar levels. But do not stop your normal medication. These yoga exercises are meant to help the body to function better, not replace medication. This is especially important for those that take up rehab (at a place like post-therapy or operation, for if the intake of medicine stops, then the nerve system would retrogade to its earlier condition.

Do this exercises and gauge the extent of success you have achieved from this exercise by your glucometer’s readings of your blood sugar levels. It can take a few weeks to a few months of regular and proper exercise of Mandukasana to get results which vary from person to person depending on how acute your diabetes is.

Due to the pressure on the abdominal section, Mandukasana also helps you to overcome constipation and gastric problems.

To derive comprehensive benefits from the different yoga exercises, do this exercise along with other yoga exercises like Bhujangasana, to improve your metabolism and digestion, the Akarna Dhanurasana along with the Normal Naukasana to make your back supple and to stimulate insulin secretion.

A Word of Caution

Do consult your doctor before doing this exercise, and have a qualified yoga therapist guide you as you learn to do the three versions of this exercise


Resist Diabetes with the ‘Frog Posture’ of Yoga: Mandukasana Increases Secretion of Natural Insulin by Your Pancreas

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