aromatic oils

The essential aromatic oils have undeniable benefits in treating many pathological conditions. While some of these oils are effective in fighting viruses and infections, it is speeding up the healing process and preventing transmission of infection among family members.

Anti-viral aromatic oils:

Clove oil is used in treating ENT and lung diseases. It is anti-bacterial, viruses, infections, septic and phlegm remover. This aromatic oil is extracted from the distillation of tree leaves growing in Madagascar. It has a nice smell when you release it in the air or inhale it. If you want to use it by mouth, it is very necessary to consult your doctor.
Our advice: Choose 100% natural essential aromatic oils which you find in the pharmacy or in stores that sell organic materials.

But be careful: it is highly focused, active and effective; therefore, you should not use it for children under the age of 6. Pregnant and lactating women should completely avoid it.

Essential anti-inflammatory aromatic oils

Tea tree oil is a strong anti-bacterial oil which you can use extensively in treating skin diseases, especially in cases of inflammation. It also fights many viruses including herpes and influenza. In addition, it enhances the body’s immune system. And because its smell is not very nice, don’t  use it to spread it in the atmosphere as some other aromatic oils. As for oral administration, you should not use it at all in self-medication. On the other hand, the use of tea tree oil seems to be possible in massage, provided that you don’t use it purely, of course.

Our advice: Dilute about 10 – 20 points of essential tea tree oil using liquid vegetable oil such as macadamia oil. Then massage the chest, elbows and knees in this mixture two to three times a day for four to five days, but completely avoid applying it to the face.

Essential aromatic oils to remove congestion

Scientists extract keena oil from the tree that grows in Australia. It is an expectorant, a phlegm remover, anti-viral and inflammatory. Doctors specifically prescribe it in the case of chest and lung infections, colds, chills and flu. Experts always prefer to use this essential aromatic oil after mixing with other essential oils that do not cause irritation to avoid the risk of mucosal irritation. In terms of using it on the skin, you can use it during massage. You can also use it in the form of inhalation in light doses after placing a few points in boiled water.

Our advice: Combine a point of essential aromatic keena oil with a point of essential clove oil. Then place the mixture in a bowl of boiling water. You will get a combination of inhalation that removes congestion from the blocked nose or sinuses.


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