should be avoided while pregnant should be avoided during pregnancy

Foods To Avoid While Pregnant: Things That Should Not Be Eaten During Pregnancy

More foods can affect the health of an unborn baby than one might realize. Find out what foods to stay away from during pregnancy...
pregnant travel - Traveling during pregnancy - Traveling While Pregnant

Traveling While Pregnant: Tips for Expectant Mothers Traveling by Air, Train or Car

Traveling during pregnancy doesn't have to be uncomfortable. Getting lots of rest, drinking water and dressing appropriately can make pregnant travel safe and pleasant. Travel...
double uterus double pregnancy

Woman With Two Uteruses Pregnant With Two Babies

double uterus double pregnancy !! A 34-year-old American obstetric nurse called Angie Cromar has one of the rarest pregnancies in the world, reported
Psychology of Pregnancy and its effect on Couples

Psychology of Pregnancy and its effect on Couples

Although pregnancy is a natural physiological phenomenon that happens for all living creatures that reduce by this way, but it is very different for a...
Natural Contraception Technique

Natural Contraception Technique: What is it?

Natural Contraception Technique: What is it? A natural contraceptive occurs when a man takes his penis out of the vagina prior to ejaculation in...
Breast feeding shaping the child’s character

Breast Feeding Shaping the Child’s Character

Breast feeding is the most important of childhood phases, as it shapes the foundation of the child's personality growth later on by providing him...

Fertility and Procreation: Overwork Can Be One of the Reasons of Infertility

Fertility and Procreation; Exceeding in work (Overwork) can be one of the reasons of Infertility. -"It has been estimated that 7.4% of women and their...