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Track diabetes blood sugar levels, tests, food intake, feelings, activities and meal plans with free, easy-to-use forms that will help you stay organized in managing your diabetes. Be ready for doctors’ appointments with vital information at your fingertips. Download these printable records, diaries and plans and create a daily medical history that will provide the clues and answers to questions about your condition.

Blood Sugar Forms and Diaries

If testing blood sugar levels is part of your daily routine, print out the blood sugar testing-times form to record valuable information and keep you on track. High or low blood sugar problems may cause anxiety or confusion about the event. If either your or your child has an incident, have one of the forms on hand to record the high blood sugar symptoms, activity and reactions. When your health professional questions you about the incident, you’ll be ready to provide detailed answers.

  • High Blood Sugar Record for a Child
  • High Blood Sugar Record for an Adult
  • Low Blood Sugar Record for a Child
  • Low Blood Sugar Record for an Adult

Track and control high or low blood sugar levels with a home blood sugar diary that organizes your accurate records of the time, blood sugar and units tested.

Feelings and Activity Logs

There’s always a roller coaster of emotions when dealing with a chronic condition, and tracking feelings will provide clues as to how you’re dealing with the disease. Keeping a feelings diary card for diabetes may help with working out issues.

Keep track of how much activity you’re getting each day with a diabetes activity log. At a glance you’ll be able to discuss your fitness abilities with your health care provider. If you plan to be more active when you have chronic disease, this form will jump start conversations with your doctor about your fitness level.

Food Charts

Diet plays a critical role in managing diabetes because the blood sugar levels are affected. Whether you have type 1 diabetes or are looking for a type 2 diabetes diet, keep diligent about keeping records of foods consumed to understand how what you’re eating affects your disease.

The food list card for diabetes lets you track both good and bad foods for a diabetic diet and those you like and dislike.

Keep a food record of what you eat to help you track blood sugar levels; monitor carbs with a carbohydrate counting form where you can record the number of servings from each food group.

About Downloading the Printable Forms

All forms, diaries, records and plans discussed are in a portable document format (PDF) and may be viewed, used and printed free of charge. Adobe Reader from Adobe Systems, Inc., provides free software and runs on Windows, Macintosh and UNIX systems. Access a free copy of the software and get started printing and saving your medical records. Don’t forget to make multiple copies and store all these forms in a safe place. They cannot be saved electronically.

When normal blood sugar levels are your goal, detailed information about food, sugar levels, activity and feelings will provide a detail road map towards managing diabetes.

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Free Diabetes Health Forms, Checklists, Diaries and Plans


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