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Diabetes is an increasingly common health condition and is estimated by the World Health Organisation to affect 150 million people. In addition to the use of insulin and other medications, there are many natural remedies and helpful iPhone applications available for diabetics.

iPhone Diabetes Apps

If your child is suffering from diabetes or you wish to find out more about the condition to be able to support a partner, friend or relative, it is well worth checking out health applications. Here are some examples of helpful iPhone diabetes apps to increase understanding of the illness:

  • Diabetes Information – valuable guide, includes classifications, signs/symptoms, causes, diagnosis, prognosis, history, treatment and pathophysiology
  • Diabetes Mellitus – learn all about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes with simple, easy to remember flashcards, ideal for parents of diabetic children to understand essential information
  • Diabetes Type 2 Guide – perfect for understanding a partner’s condition, includes how diabetes works, symptoms and treatment
  • Diabetes Drug Trials – keep up-to-date with research/clinical trials, visit the Precision for Medicine website to get for more information on how these trials usually get performed
  • Diabetic Coach – know exactly how to handle diabetic seizure, emergency survival guide
  • Diabetic Recipes – 30 recipes to help control blood sugar for the whole family to enjoy

Applications to Help Diabetics

Particularly in recent years, as a result of more research into diabetes, there are a greater number of tools and gadgets now available to help sufferers. If you have recently been diagnosed with the condition, the following applications may come in handy:

  • DiabetesGuide – detailed advice aimed at physicians and patients, includes blood tests, diabetes management, types and complications
  • Diabetes Sugar Level Tracker – helps diabetics monitor and track daily sugar levels, displays average levels for week/month/year, handy for doctor’s appointments
  • Diabetes Buddy – tracks factors influencing blood sugar for better control, monitors fluctuations, blood pressure, BMI/weight changes, log insulin injections, medications, manage exercise
  • Diabetes Goal Tracker – keep track of appointments, test results, vital statistics, formatted chart of short/long-term goals, perfect for working towards more effective control
  • Diabetes Office Visit – easily record blood glucose results, medication, physical activity, carbohydrate intake and export to doctor/insurance company, full specialist ebook included
  • DiabetesGrapher – documents multiple daily glucose values/insulin units, calculates monthly opinion minimum/maximum/average glucose values
  • DiabetesPlus – developed by diabetics, records every aspect of management and makes it easy to send data directly to your doctor
  • Diabetes Calc – complete diabetes calculations out and about, sodium, BMI, GFR, LDL cholesterol, Framingham cardiac risk
  • Diabetes Diary – record glucose, insulin, carbohydrates, fully customisable list of insulin types

As highlighted above, whether you are a parent of a diabetic child or have recently been diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, there are plenty of helpful iPhone diabetes apps available. Among the top applications for diabetics are sugar level trackers, goal trackers and online diaries to make diabetes management much more simple.


Helpful iPhone Diabetes Apps – Top Applications to help Diabetics


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