Four easy steps to keep a healthy hearing sense!


Your ear represents a vital organ which allows you to know what is going on around you and keeps your body balanced. So, it is extremely important to take care of your ears and protect them against any possible danger. Here are four easy ways to do so:


1-Using cotton sticks

If you use them in the wrong way or excessively, you will be causing your ear to produce more ear wax than what is actually needed.

This yellowish waxy substance clears up your ear and discharges impurities.

So, people who are regularly using cotton sticks must put them only through the external area.

Avoid aggressive pressure applied to your ear. If you insert the sticks deeper, they will push ear wax forward.

An otolaryngologist would advise his patients to use sticks on occasional basis: once week or once in every ten days is adequate.


2- Stay away from noise

Use ear plugs if you are in regular exposure to noise.

For people who enjoy listening to music, there are some ear plug options which are specifically designed for that ; it’s absolutely cheap and more effective in extreme noise locations.

You have to stay away from loudspeakers even if you have already out ear plugs on. When you listen to music have your volume decreased to an acceptable level. Try to reduce the time you spend listening to music. Don’t go beyond 4 hours a week and you have to grant yourself a short break every couple of hours.

listening to music
3- Food has magical effects

Your diet interferes with the way your ear performs just like any other organ. Recent studies have proved that some kinds of food can negatively affect hearing abilities among elderly people.

Food necessary to manage this problem is Omega 3 products such as, oily fish, avocado, canola oil… In addition to that American and Korean researchers have revealed that beta-carotene is a real ear booster!

It is found in carrots, potatoes, green vegetables and grains.

ear plugs

Do you suffer from a hearing disorder?

If you can’t actually hear well during a face-to-face conversation or while watching TV, you must get checked urgently. The problem may occur when your ear is blocked with thick layers of wax. Another possible cause is aging which causes many hearing issues. It is generally witnessed with a poor hearing of high voices.

ear wax

hearing hearing


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