chlamydia infection treated with a single , sexual intercourse

sexual intercourse; It’s a common infection but many who are infected are unaware of the damage being done to their bodies. It is easily spread; even though it most commonly affects the genital area it can also infect the eyes and throat. Chlamydia, though, is easily treated.

Although Chlamydia can occur at any age it is most prevalent among sexually active 16-24-year-olds, and is overwhelmingly spread through sexual intercourse with an affected partner. Chlamydia can be spread from mother to baby during childbirth. The symptoms are different in men, women, and children.

Chlamydia in Women

Most women will not display the signs and symptoms of Chlamydia or the symptoms will appear many months or even years after the initial infection. Symptoms may be a redness and discomfort of the vagina and an unusual discharge.

For women, undiagnosed Chlamydial infections can have catastrophic health consequences; infection of the upper genital tract with Chlamydia trachomatis is the most frequent cause of pelvic inflammatory disease and it may cause infertility and on rare occasions, even death.

Chlamydia in Men

In men there may be a discharge from the end of the penis, and a burning sensation when urinating. If the infection is severe there may also be a low-grade fever. It may cause an infection and inflammation of the testes and epididymis with the potential to cause sterility. Reiter’s Syndrome, where the joints, eyes and urethra become inflamed and painful Is also a recognised complication.

Chlamydia and the Newborn

Newborn babies who acquire the infection on their journey through the birth canal, will frequently show signs of

  • Conjunctivitis, the eyes will be red, swollen and have a yellowish purulent discharge
  • A virulent form of throat infection may also present itself and this may progress to pneumonia, but with no fever.

Other symptoms

  • A cough,
  • Vomiting
  • A bluish or grayish tinge to the skin.

Chlamydia is Easy to Cure

The good news is that is easily treated with a single antibiotic dose or a five day course of antibiotics. The antibiotic treatment will cure the infection and you will remain infection free as long as sex with an infected partner is avoided. So during the treatment period and for a few days afterwards you should refrain from sexual intercourse. To avoid being re-infected your partner(s) should also be treated.

Treatment and Prevention of Chlanydial

It is important to get treated with a single dose of azythromycin. If abstaining from sexual intercourse is not an option then wearing a condom will provide a good barrier to the spread of Chlamydia.

Good News about Chlamydia

But there is some good news: Chlamydia can not be passed on by

  • Hugging
  • Kissing
  • Sharing baths
  • Sharing towels
  • Sitting on the toilet seat.

With awareness and precautions this potentially devastating infection will be avoided.

infection treated with a single , sexual intercourse


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