feng shui health area

If an illness is not included into your plans for the day, use these simple Feng Shui tips that will help you to get well sooner. Furthermore, continuously positive Feng Shui of your home and office space will help to improve health and always remain healthy and full of energy.

Enhance Feng Shui Health Area to Get Well Sooner

Feng Shui health area is the center of your dwelling. While all the eight compass directions are responsible for such aspects of life as wealth, love, family or career, the Bagua center of the house deals with the health of the home dwellers. Therefore, this part of the house should be designated in some way. The simplest option is to hang a crystal chandelier under the ceiling.


However, not every home design allows for hanging something in its center. In such a case, it might be a good option to enhance, for instance, the center of the room you spend most of your time in. The center can be enhanced by means of a crystal hung under the chandelier or a representations of the harmony of five Feng Shui elements.

Improve Health With the Help of Light, Color and Plants

While the Bagua area of health is a significant place which, if enhanced, can improve health, its power alone might be not enough to help you get well soon. So, here are the accompanying solutions:

  • Add more light into your space. Light is the source of life and energy. So, if your rooms seem somewhat dull, find time to install additional sources of illumination.
  • Add some warm and healing colors into the interior. Feng Shui colors that can help you to get well sooner are the Yin colors: blue, black, purple, white. However, Yang colors, such as yellow, orange or red, are the ones that will fill you with additional energy for overcoming the illness.
  • Surround yourself with plants. Their nature is to purify your air while looking pretty and, thus, making the energy of your room fresher and more active.
  • Calculate your Kua number and locate your bed, office table and dinner table in favorable for you directions.
  • And the most important – stop thinking about the illness. Think about health and getting well. Replace the phrase “I am ill” with the phrase “I am getting well” or even “I am healthy.” Support this thought by a smile and spend a day doing what you love.

Feng Shui area of health, colors, light, plants and the five elements will help you to improve health or get well soon. It will be especially true if Feng Shui cures are supported by positive thinking and attitude. Just try!


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