Obesity Quagmires
Obesity Quagmires

These two bad habits will eventually damage your body and bring on chronic diseases.

You owe it to yourself, loved ones and friends to keep healthy by not smoking and not being overweight – worse yet obese. Smoking and obesity are the two worst behaviors you can inflict on your body. Experts say lung cancer (87% caused by smoking) is the leading type of cancer death, and obesity is considered a risk factor for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. To help yourself, try this ecig juice.

Stop Smoking with Expert Help

The first step is to educate yourself about the bad effects; next, plan to quit by following the START steps at smokefree.gov. You do not have to quit cold turkey – physicians can prescribe meds, and over-the-counter aids are available like the nicotine patch, Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches or nicotine gum. At the Web site get expert advice immediately from counselors via text messaging or telephone, and print out useful information.

Stop Obesity with Exercise

People who are overweight and do not exercise are ill more often than normal-weight exerciser-folks. Exercise strengthens the immune system and cuts down on disease-contributing inflammation. An exercise plan consists of three parts – aerobics, strength training and stretching. Aerobics include activities like running, fast walking, swimming, biking and kickboxing. Use the Web for motivation, support, information and a 12-week beginner’s walking program at the popular Spark People. Make sure to read about their safety tips before starting a walking routine.

Natural health physician Michael Murray has found through his research that strength training develops muscles that more effectively burn calories and cause faster weight loss. Do strength training two to three times per week using barbells, bands, exercise equipment or even you own body weight. You will build stronger muscles and bones, and as a bonus, it is anti-aging.

Stop Obesity with Healthy Eating

Consumer Reports rated diets according to pounds lost, nutrition, and ease of use. Weight Watchers tied with Slim Fast for first place. Weight Watchers was a winner because of good support groups, and Slim Fast was the best on most weight lost and kept off. The Atkins Diet rated the worst because of bad nutrition and poor retention of weight lost.


Scientists are finding that certain types of food promote weight loss:

  • Fiber – plant-based food like apples, beans and whole-grain cereals that make you feel fuller longer and promote digestion.
  • Low-density fruits and vegetables – healthy food like watermelon and broccoli with high amounts of water, fiber and nutrients, but low amounts of the bad things– calories, sugar and saturated fat.
  • Monounsaturated fat – the good fat that especially helps with losing belly fat, it is in food like olive oil, avocadoes, nuts, dark chocolate, and olives.

Certain foods pack on the pounds:

  • Sodas – the sugar makes you fat.
  • Desserts – cakes, pies and cookies are laden with calories.
  • Refined carbs – white bread, white rice and white pasta boost hunger.
  • Fast food – fried food and meat are loaded with saturated fat.

Help for Smoking and Obesity

Consider calling Renaissance Recovery to help you climb out of the hole that has you addicted to tobacco. Decide now to change your lifestyle, before you develop chronic illnesses, to drop tobacco you can visit Klinic and get some help. Online there is help for smoking cessation, and ways to battle obesity that promote eating properly and daily exercise. Exercise will cut down on illnesses, make you feel better and gradually help you lose weight.

This is an educational article only but you can benefit from the tips that will help all of us such as finding a vape to replace your smoking addiction. Consult with your health care professional before beginning an exercise program and if you think you need a bariatric surgery due to obesity.


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