bran dieting

Bran is an amazing medicine in the diet program

Wheat bran represents the outer crust of wheat which usually does not receive any attention or care and in fact, it represents a high health value and has an active role in the treatment of some diseases.

Bran is rich in natural fibers that are not digested by digestive enzymes in the body and has the ability to absorb a large amount of water.  Hence it has various benefits with dieting.

bran dieting

Benefits of bran in health and dieting:-

  • Bran helps to lose weight because of its low calories and because its size increases in the stomach and gives a sense of fullness and satiety
  • Useful for constipation, which a lot of people suffer from when they follow a diet:

The cellulose fibers available in bran act as a sponge that absorbs from the intestine and give them enough softness to slip through the colon and leave the body. Therefore, the availability of bran in the daily diet resists the problem of constipation and gives treatment for it.

  • Useful to regulate the movement of the colon and reduce the symptoms and problems of the colon nerve which bothers a lot of people.  It is recommended to the people suffering from this during the period of dieting to eat bran on yogurt or salads.
  • Eating bran prevents high sugar in the blood.  Bran reduces the absorption of harmful fats and prevents high cholesterol in the blood.


Another benefit of bran:

It is useful for hemorrhoids patients as it makes the excretion process easier, as well as helps to soften the stool which reduces its severity on the membrane lining the anus.

Fibers in bran clean the colon from the wastes and harmful sediments that causes cancer The fibers collect them and expel them from the body.

Reduces the chance of gallstones.

Bran can be eaten gradually and without excess and can be taken with yogurt or butter milk, soup or salad, and can be eaten in the form of bread or biscuits.

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