Causes of Obesity and Lack of Fitness


Many people suffer from obesity & lack of fitness, but they don’t know why.

There are many causes & forms of obesity and every reason has a solution.


Now look at these forms of obesity, causes & solution :-

  • The first form is the accumulation of fat around the thighs.

The reasons: eat foods that contain lots of fat, such as sweets, chocolates, butter & fast foods.


Reduce the amount of these foods & exercise burning belly fat.

lack of fitness

  • The second form is the accumulation of fat around the stomach.

The reasons: to eat lots of food & lots of sugars.


Reduce the amount of food in general & sugars.

Drink a lot of water.

Walk for 30-60 minutes every day

  • The third form is fat around the arms

The reasons:

lose a lot of weight without exercise and follow the harsh diets.

Solution: weight lifting & eat healthy food.

  • The final form is fat accumulation around the face.

The reasons:

Retention of water within the body, as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol, gases, sugars and salts.

Solution: Drink plenty of water to prevent it from happening.

In general, eating in large quantities & lack of exercise is a major cause of obesity, so exercise regularly and eat in appropriate quantities.

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