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For anyone who wishes to lose weight and get a fit, healthy body and a perfect weight  – In this article you will get to know more about the corn flakes diet for losing weight in a week.

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Even though most people follow the belly fat tonic recipe, corn flakes diet is a very special diet and new among its kind, in order to escape frustration, despair and boredom from the usual diets . This diet will make you lose 7 kilo of your weight in just two weeks .

And you can repeat it if you want, but you should consider the subsequent observations to reach the best results.

The corn flakes diet depends on eating corn flakes and unsweetened milk in the three daily meals.

corn flakes

And you can divide the three daily meals to 5 or 6 meals by lowering the quantity of corn flakes and milk you eat per meal.

Scientific studies proved that the calories in corn flakes are considered very low, and this is the reason why:

It’s very good in burning the fat accumulated in the body.  Also, scientific studies proved that eating 4 meals of corn flakes gives you only 700 calories, and this is what allows you to lose 6 kilos in just one week.

And you can choose any flavor you want, as well.  You can also eat vegetables and fruits in case you feel hungry or desire to eat any meal other than corn flakes.


First: The benefits of cornflakes for pregnant women.

Cornflakes contain some of the most important nutrients that a pregnant woman can eat during her pregnancy.

They are useful for both the baby and the pregnant woman because they contain many vitamins and many minerals needed by the body to promote growth.  It is essential that pregnant women get about six meals a day.

To maintain the percentage of sugar in the blood and the useful vitamins and minerals for her and her baby, corn flakes contain a very high percentage of fiber that helps to have a better, healthy digestive system.

Cornflakes work to prevent pre-eclampsia, as well as preventing sudden hypertension.  They contain many vitamins and minerals that help the baby’s development without affecting the pregnant women.


Second: The benefits of Cornflakes in dieting.

Cornflakes contain a very small percentage of calories that can be useful in dieting.  Dr. Richard Metz, professor of nutrition at Purdue University in the United States, conducted a study on the importance of corn flakes for dieting in 2009.  He made a comparison among the individuals who do a diet without the use of cornflakes as a basic meal in their day, and among other individuals who work in a meal of Cornflakes and use it in their diet. He also  found that the group of individuals who used the Cornflakes were able to reduce their weight better and faster than those who did not use cornflakes, but they should eat corn flakes with skim milk so they do not consume a high percentage of fat.

Third: The benefits of Cornflakes for children.

Children at the beginning of their age need useful meals that give them many vitamins and minerals to build their body properly.  Therefore, cornflakes remain a useful meal full of vitamins and minerals needed by the children’s body.

Cornflakes is a light, simple, and popular meal for children. Cornflakes is rich in minerals and vitamins and is a good source of food compounds. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, in addition to vitamin D.  It also contains a large proportion of the fiber the child needs because it helps digestion, and it helps the body to grow properly.


Fourth: The harms of cornflakes

Cornflakes contain a very small percentage of proteins, so it does not help to feel full for a good period because it is considered a relatively light snack.  Cornflakes also contain a small percentage of sugars that reduce the storage of fat in the body, and therefore it leads to weight gain.  Research has shown that among the harms of the Cornflakes is its connection to diabetes . It is very high on the glycemic index, and the rise of glycemic index leads to the risk of diabetes, in addition to raising blood sugar. Therefore, doctors advise to eat cornflakes but relatively mildly, meaning don’t eat too much and not in large quantities.

corn flakes diet

The Cornflakes diet program:

Breakfast: Cornflakes + Yogurt (skimmed).

Between breakfast and lunch: any kind of fruit and vegetables.

Lunch: Corn Flex + Yogurt (low-fat).

Between lunch and dinner: any kind of fruit + green tea with lemon (non-sugar).

Dinner: Corn Flex + Yogurt (low fat) + apple.

Important notes that should be followed with the corn flakes diet:

– It is necessary to combine corn flakes with yogurt.

– Jogging must be practiced for at least half an hour.

– If you feel the desire to eat before the time to eat the meal you have to drink water.

– Avoid staying awake at night because you will feel hungry during the long hours, which makes you eat.

– Do not continue on this system more than 6 days.

the corn flakes

The second program for cornflakes diet :



Half cup of corn Flakes

One large, fat-free yogurt

Meal between breakfast and lunch:

Number of fruits or vegetables


Half a cup of cornflakes

One large, fat-free yogurt

Meal between lunch and dinner:

Number of two fruits or vegetables

One cup of green tea with a little lemon juice without adding sugar.


Half a cup of Corn flakes

One large , fat-free yogurt. .

The number of apples is one medium sized fruit or pear (fig) medium size or medium sized peach fruit .


General and Important Tips for Following the Cornflakes Diet :

– You should eat corn flakes with yogurt or milk .

– Dieting should be synchronized with exercise of any type you want and for half an hour a day, at least .

– Twelve cups of water should be taken daily .

You have to sleep early in the night and avoid being awake.

– You are allowed to eat lettuce, cucumber, and carrots between the main meals and are also allowed to eat apples or pear fruits when feeling hungry, but in reasonable quantities and not often.

– For the first method of dieting, this should be continued for two weeks and can repeated only after a week of a regular and balanced diet, while the second method can be repeated non-stop, unless you want to make an open day after a period of dieting.

– Cornflakes are not suitable for pregnant women or lactating mothers, in the first 6 months or for those suffering from chronic diseases, such as blood pressure and diabetes.



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