food intake

The general council of common health has launched a new project to help people protect their general health and guarantee an ultimate human performance. So what are the practical steps you have to follow to achieve a better body performance?

Health experts claim that it is highly advised to consume at least five kinds of raw fruits and vegetables. However, fatty, sweet and salty food all need to be reduced in your regular meals. Furthermore, the previously mentioned council (HCSP) has lately released a new study concerning this crucial health issue. The study includes 12 health related indications.

This step has been followed by some thorough studies on the probable risks surrounding a wrong diet adoption.

food intake

Have your diet regulated!

Dangers related to poor diet are numerous. Chemical products included in food processing can be extremely harmful for human health. The common council has published a practical guide which displays a wide range of food choices and the adequate amounts you should have in addition to the appropriate frequency.

This includes what you should have and what you should avoid and the limits of your daily intake.

Balance and nutrition are the most important factors a healthy diet must be based upon. Nutrition has nothing to do with quantity or frequency of food intake. It is rather based on the quality of your food! You have to enrich your diet with fibers, proteins and energy boosters. But be moderate in consuming sweets and salty products.

salty food

Products you should have in good amounts:

– Meat should be consumed on occasional basis in addition to salty food and sausages. On the other hand, you can have beans like lentils, chick peas and peas regularly.

– An ideal diet should contain a lot of fibers and proteins. Diversity is another feature with a great importance for your diet.

-You should consume regular amounts of fish and raw products to keep healthy and fit.

-Avoid having big meals at once. Manage your food intake and regulate your eating habits well, light meals are very nutritious and healthy. If you are overweight, reduce fats and consult your GP for a medical help.


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