Fat Belly


Advice for a Flat Belly:


1-Select a goal and go forward to it

It is very important to target the desired weight, and that can be done with the help of the ideal body weight calculator. Note that those things will take some time to get the desired result.

2-Coloring the food

This doesn’t mean painting the food! Make sure that you have more than one color present in your food such as (peppers, cucumbers, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, etc…) You will get a great benefit from this, but note that some diets prevent carrots and/or tomatoes.

3-Drinking a lot of water (not less than 8 cups/day)

Is one of the most necessary steps to lose fat. We advise to drink a glass of water a short period before each meal. This is for moistening the body and compensating  for the lost liquids from it. In addition, this reduces the body’s need for soft drinks, so remember to have a bottle of water wherever you go.

4-Stop drinking soft drinks

Even diet soft drinks contain a lot of sugar that are hard for the body to deal with and are then transferred as fats that the body stores around the body especially in the belly area.  Try to abandon soft drinks or avoid them as much as you can.

5-Stop eating junk food

It contains a great quantity of calories which is difficult for the body to deal with and then transforms into fats that  get stored around the body, especially in the belly and buttocks area. You must replace it with healthy food, especially vegetarian food.

6-Doing belly fat burning workouts

Although all the workouts help in losing belly fat, it is totally different as the belly area needs special exercises like crunch and crisscross exercises.

7-Avoid a starving regime

Many people think it doesn’t help to lose fat. Making yourself starve is one of the reasons that the body store fats and reduces burning rates.


Fat Belly


5 Natural Recipes for Burning Belly Fats:


1.Green tea is one of the drinks that helps in losing belly fat. Take 3 cups of green tea with mint, one spoon of fresh ginger, and pomegranate peel. Drink a cup of tea after each meal without sugar. You will find great results in 10 days for losing belly fat.

2. Add 3 spoons of powdered ginger on a spoon of olive oil.  Make it a cream and put it on the area that you want to be slimmed. The olive oil works to get rid of wrinkles in the body.

3. Lemon Juice is also known to be used in a lot of diets because of its ability to melt fats in the body and get rid of poisons. That’s why it is advised to drink a warm glass of lemon juice every day in the morning.

4. Mint is a wonderful herb that helps in relaxing, increasing bile extract of the gallbladder, which works to burn fats. It can be drunk boiled several times a day or added too a salad dish.

5. Fifth Recipe:
Peel two apples of the diabetic type and take the seeds out of them. Put them in a blender and add a teaspoon of powder ginger. Put the same amount of Shea beans and a large spoon of butter. Sprinkle the mixture with a glass of almond milk and sweeten it with a small spoon of any sugar-free with no sugars or calories.

belly fats

Tips for a flat belly:


-Drink this recipe in the morning and replace it with the breakfast meal and not beside it.

-Drink a lot of water and do not leave yourself more than 6 hours without food for flat.

-Get a doubled result by doing cardio exercise for 30 minutes daily.

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