day for fast weight loss

Fast weight loss:If you’re looking to avoid extreme options like surgery or cryo slimming, the idea of ​​this diet is that the stomach begins to gradually decrease in size until the person finds the same level of satiety faster than before, and when the body is accustomed to this situation, makes it easier for the person to stabilize the weight and follow a healthy diet after the completion of dieting.

We will use the groundnut in the diet to combat weight gain.

day for fast weight loss

The idea of ​​dieting:

Important Instructions Before Dieting:

  1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

2.Not allowed to drink soft drinks even “diet” ones; most of them are commercial products and affect the diet negatively during the period of dieting.

3. Tea, coffee and herbs allowed, but without adding sugar; sugar substitutes may be used for dieting provided they are reliable and safe.

4.Treating herbs and fighting constipation should be taken as much as possible.

5.Should be used during dieting and after eating slowly; it is the best solution for a sense of rapid satiety.

6.Finally exercise must be identified through the section “slimming exercises,” and in general must increase the movement as much as possible.  Every movement of the body burns calories we are rich in, but through this way can eat more food.

fast weight loss

Program in a week

First: Breakfast:

In this diet, breakfast is fixed throughout the period of dieting, which is: 2 boiled egg + cucumber choice + Mortadella as desired to be eaten, preferably limiting and reducing.

First day for fast weight loss:


Served vegetable salad (ie without tomatoes or carrots). The reason we explained beforehand is that tomatoes contain a lot of salts that hold fluid in the body, while the carrots work to extend the body with a lot of calories that fight the success of dieting.


A steak of grilled meat provided that it is salt-free + a yogurt box.

The second day for fast weight loss :


Grilled or boiled chicken as desired but without skin + yogurt with a spoon of flaxseed.


Boiled egg + salad dish made of cucumber, green peppers, lettuce, cabbage and parsley.

The third day for fast weight loss :


Piece of 80 grams of Quraish cheese or skimmed cheese


Grilled meat or chicken breast

The fourth day for fast weight loss :


The fruit of kiwi or two fruits preferred to adhere as we have already mentioned in the instructions.


Tuna tin without oil or water-washed + yogurt tray with a teaspoon of ground flaxseed

The fifth day for fast weight loss :


Apply boiled vegetables with salt or as little as possible


Tuna without oil, strainer, fish or shrimp + salad + free or low-fat milk.

fast weight loss

This iss a diet program in five days capable of decreasing about 5 kg as required to follow dieting and exercise, but should not follow dieting for another week without taking comfort, and with the advice of the doctor. However, this diet is also very healthy and does not affect the public health of the person, if you stick to the program without modification. 

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