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For anyone who wants to lose weight, get rid of unwanted body fat, and get a slim body and ideal weight – in this article you will get to know the 3 most important tested and effective diets to lose weight and get rid of fat, exclusive in “Be Healthy” fitness, health, and beauty  .

The weirdest advice to lose weight

  1. Drink warm water:

Most of us prefer to drink cold water, but if you are looking for thinness, it is better to review the temperature of the drinks you drink. Warm water makes you feel full faster, so it doesn’t make you eat too much food during the meal.

If you cannot drink warm water, add any kind of herbal tea to give it a little flavor.

2. Don’t eat while wearing your sleep clothes

Are you quick to take off your clothes and wear comfortable clothes or sleeping clothes when you return to your home? Studies have shown that we eat more food between meals if we wear loose clothes!

3. Eat more good bacteria

Based on the information provided by nutritionists on https://www.nutritionalcleansing.co.nz/, good bacteria plays a major role in the metabolism and appetite, so some believe that increasing the amount of foods rich in probiotics (also known as good bacteria) helps to lose weight.

4. Eat lots of spices

Recent studies have shown that when you eat food that contains spices and chili, this specifically increases metabolism and accelerates fat burning. This also makes the person tend to consume less calories in the next meal. It has shown that peppers slow the growth of fat cells.

lose weight

The 3 weirdest tested and effective diets:

The power food diet

The strength food diet is based on eating six times a day, three main meals and two snacks. All meals should be of medium size. You should eat three types of power foods in the main meals, and at least two in your snack.

The power food is :

Almonds ( nuts in general ) , spinach (green leafy vegetables), legumes, milk products, peanut butter, olive oil, eggs, oatmeal, whole grains, turkey, olive oil, berries and strawberries.

For example, you can have an egg with olive oil and a quarter of a brown bread for breakfast, salad with roast beef for lunch, yogurt with fruits and nuts for dinner, with 20 minutes of which you do too with the help from Tennisinformation and 10 minutes of stomach exercises three times a week.

This diet is suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight and improve his health in general.  It is also easy and does restrict either vegetarians or those suffering from allergies.


Businessmen diet:

For many working men and women who are constantly moving from place to place, they rarely eat a meal at home, so they have a hard time following a specific diet or eating certain foods.

Dr. Melina Gumboulis designed the businessmen diet that includes the following:

– A full healthy breakfast should be taken daily before starting the day of work or traveling.

– Healthy energy bars should always be kept with a little mixture of nuts and dried fruits in work or travel bag; to be eaten as healthy snacks throughout the exhausting day of work.

– If your daily program includes dinner, you must eat light food all day from fresh vegetables and fruits. Before dinner parties, an energy bar or a piece of whole grain bread will reduce hunger and increase the power to resist the temptations of foods served.

– One type of starch should be eaten, either pasta, bread or rice.

– In restaurants the salad dressing should be ordered on the side so that the quantity and calories can be controlled.

– Start with a small dish of a vegetable soup.

tested and effective diets

This diet is simply based on providing the body with all possible daily antioxidants and reducing carbohydrates to a certain weekly extent, and it is useful for those who wish to lose weight or maintain their new weight.  This diet includes eating :

  • Garlic clove, cooked or uncooked daily.
  • Eat the equivalent of the size of two fingers of dark chocolate (without sugar).
  • Eat daily cups of fresh fruit and vegetables, and there is no forbidden kind .. All kinds of vegetables and fruits are available in this diet.
  • Eat fish three times a week, and it is preferred to focus on fish rich with oils and omega-3.
  • Eat a handful of raw nuts, not roasted or salted, on a daily basis.
  • Pasta, starch and bread four times a week only.
  • Also eat egg yolk four times a week.

The strange thing about this diet is that it leaves you the freedom of choosing what you want to eat in the rest of the day as long as it is grilled or boiled and not fried.


General tips for losing weight faster:

Fruits and vegetables are your daily companion: whoever wants to lose weight without practicing sports will have to adopt a healthy feeding method.

Experts recommend eating five meals of vegetables and fruit daily. It is best to cut apples, cucumbers, and carrots into strips and place them in the places you go through every day – whether at home or at work – so you’ll find what fills you when you feel hungry without excess calories.

Avoid oils and fast food and replace them with meals of fresh or boiled vegetables.

Drink more fluids:

Loss of weight without sport requires drinking sufficient amounts of fluids, preferably not less than three liters, as the fluid helps you to feel more full.

Avoid stress:

Stress causes extreme hunger attacks, and it drives many people to eat unhealthy foods without thinking, so the removal of stressors is one of the most important ways to lose weight.

to lose weight

Move away from the elevator and use your feet:

The movement in daily life helps to burn calories quickly and can be done in a simple way. If you are used to get to your home or office by elevator, you can use the stairs; do not rely on the car if you want to go to the post office or buy something from shops near the house.

Cleaning the house:

Cleaning the glass or ironing or cleaning the floors of the home can be considered as sports that can be done at home easily. For example, cleaning windows for half an hour burns about eighty calories.

lose weight


Experts pointed out that those who laugh for ten minutes a day lose about forty calories.

Stay away from candy:

Losing weight without exercises requires abandoning all the high-fat materials such as chocolate and candy, but you should not stop all these things at once – you can reduce them gradually.

Sleeping :

Studies have found that people who sleep regularly at night for seven to eight hours do not often have weight problems. It is also preferred to not delay dinner.

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