Healthy Lifestyle onset of diabetes form of exercise blood sugar avoid refined

Healthy Lifestyle; While genetics and family history cannot be ignored, unhealthy lifestyle practices are major contributors that hasten the onset of diabetes. Changing these is the answer.

Though genetic history and familial tendencies play a role in type II or adult onset diabetes, it is largely known as a lifestyle disease, specifically of abundance and over-indulgence. Excessive consumption of rich and sugary foods, inadequate physical activity, snacking, inappropriate and irregular meals are some of the factors that contribute to the onset of this medical condition. Happily, a few simple but critical lifestyle changes can delay or even prevent the onset of diabetes in individuals who are at risk, or who are considered pre-diabetic.

Five Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Fight Diabetes

Healthy Lifestyle onset of diabetes form of exercise blood sugar avoid refined

  • Eat Less Refined Carbohydrates and More Fibre – Healthy Lifestyle

Refined is out. Fibre is in. Avoid refined and processed carbohydrates as much as possible. Go for whole grain breads and wheat, and avoid refined flours of all kinds. Look for whole-grain or broken-grain foods, the less processed the better. Conversely, foods high in fibre are desirable for the pre-diabetic.

The principle is simple: refined foods are digested faster and leaves the stomach empty for longer periods of time, causing blood sugar to fluctuate. Fibre-rich foods take longer to digest, so stay in the system longer, keeping the blood sugar levels more uniform.

  • Eat Smaller Meals and at Regular Intervals – Healthy Lifestyle

When it comes to food, when is as important as what to keep diabetes at bay. Forget the three-solid-meals-a-day rule, and move to five or six smaller but more frequent meals. Eat lightly but often, don’t fill up. Also, stick to the same meal-times every day. The regularity might seem inconvenient in the beginning, but it makes a difference.

  • Cut Down on Sugar, Fruits and Fizzies – Healthy Lifestyle

Cutting down or avoiding sugar completely seems the first and most obvious thing to do for the pre-diabetic. However, there are some points to note. Sugar comes in many forms, especially fruits, and most, except apples and a few others, are to be avoided. Sugar substitutes are okay, but they need to be used in moderation, so the best thing would be to cultivate a taste for sugar-free beverages.

  • Step Up the Exercise – Take the Stairs, Do Gardening, WALK – Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise, exercise, exercise. Physical activity is the mantra. Find ways of keeping active throughout the day; skip the elevator and take the stairs, do some gardening, take a walk down the block. Even half an hour of moderate activity in a day makes a difference. If that is not possible, try to get some form of exercise at least three times a week.

The simplest and most easily achievable form of exercise is walking. It requires no equipment, no money, no medical advise, and can be done almost anywhere. It is also perhaps the safest and most effective for diabetes, given the age of most pre-diabetics.

  • Set Down the Load and Learn to Relax – Healthy Lifestyle

One of the most insidious contributing causes to the onset of diabetes is stress. It is important for health to learn to lay down worries and relax, rather than carry the baggage of stress around all the time. Set aside time for play, with the children or a pet, or for recreational activities like music or reading. Unfocus the mind and let it wander. In forgetting is healing.

By following these simple tips and lifestyle changes, it is possible to delay, prevent or mitigate the effect of diabetes, depending on specific medical conditions. For more advice on the matter, consult with a doctor.



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