whole wheat bread
whole wheat bread

Bread is considered one of the most important foods in our food system. It is rich in starches and fiber and an important source of minerals and vitamins that you can find in something so simple like a french baguette loaf.

whole wheat bread
whole wheat bread

Nutritionist Janine Awwad tells you in the following subject about the contents of different types of bread. She says initially:

“White bread, whole wheat bread, oatmeal bread, bran bread, or multi grain bread, all contain the same amount of calories, but what distinguishes each other is the amount of fiber it contains, Knowing that, fiber works to regulate the digestive system. “

Bran bread

Nutritionist Janine lists varieties of bread and its contents:

  • White bread:

    It is made of white flour and contains 4.2 g fiber per 100 g.

  • Whole wheat bread:

    It is made of whole wheat flour; i.e. unsweetened wheat and wheat germ. It contains 8.8 g fiber per 100 g.

  • Bran bread:

    High rates of whole wheat cover are added . It is recommended for people with constipation problem, as it helps to soften the stomach. It contains 7.4 g fiber per 100 g.

And Nutritionist Janine confirms that the bread provides high levels of vitamin B and vitamin E, which are essential for the nervous system and burning starches in the body.

white bread

Knowing that, whole wheat bread is two to three times richer with vitamins B and E.

She adds “It is necessary to choose the type of bread, according to each person’s health status. Considering that eating people who suffering from the problem of large intestine, large amounts of fiber can expose them to bloating and the acquisition of painful gases. While people with diabetes, should stay away from white bread, which contains a high indicator of sugar in blood.”

And she ends with the necessity of nutritionist consultation in case of suffering from a particular health problem, in order to guide the person to choose the best choice of bread.

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