olive oil small spoon olive protein energy

We chose a chicken dish for you, it is one of the necessary ingredients for any mother in her house, because this dish supplies the body with the necessary nutrients like protein, it also allows to the body to lose weight because it contains low calories.

olive oil small spoon olive protein energy

Chicken with mushroom Ingredients:

– Small spoon of olive oil.

– Cut the chicken breasts without forgetting to remove the bones.

– Small spoon of pepper.

Pinch of salt .

– Small spoon of flour.


Onion sliced slices.

– Cream skim.

– A cup of chicken stock.


The way to prepare the recipe:

-We put olive oil in bowl on the fire and then we let the chicken blush   from 6 to 8 minutes until the color of the last one is pink.

-After that we put the chicken aside.

– We put the onion and the mushroom in the same boll, with putting a little of oil olive, we left him until it withers, we add a little of salt, pepper and flour.

-After that we add the chicken, the crime, and chicken broth until is they mature.

-This dish is : served hot and decorated with green coriander.

-Or you can present this dish with your favorite salad.


Nutritional value:

  • Chicken: Energy (222 kcal)

                   Protein (31.84 g)

                   Carbohydrates (1.64 g)                                               

  • Mushrooms or mushrooms: Energy (35 kcal)

                                                    Protein (0.91 g)

                                                    Carbohydrates (6.04 g)

  • Olive oil: Energy (884 kcal)

                   Calories (900)

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