recipe vegetables prepare coriander delicious

Grilled fish is one of the most delicious, fastest,amazing,and preferred snacks between people,and a lot of housewives will love to prepare this dish by themselves, for this reason we have the pleasure to give you this wonderful recipe to prepare it by yourself.

recipe vegetables prepare coriander delicious


The ingredients:

– Green or dry coriander.

Fish as you want.

– Cumin.

– Salt.

– Black pepper.


 – lemon.

 -Green pepper hot or cold, as you wants.

– Dill,green coriander and parsley.

Vegetables cut into slices onion,tomato,carrot,and colored peppers.


The way to prepare the recipe:


 – Wash the fish with water,vinegar and salt .

– Mix the spices well in a bowl and then put them in the fish.

– Slice the meat without cutting it completely and then add the cutted vegetables.

– Roll the fish into aluminum paper and then place it in the oven at a  high temperature .

– Put a burning coal in the fish dish and cover it slightly so that the fish can have a delicious flavor of barbecues.

– These spices can also be used for fried fish without adding vegetables.

Nutritional value:

Fish: Energy (185 kcal)

         Protein (20.86 g)

         Carbohydrates (0.54 g)

        Calories (179.65)

        Vitamin G (1 mg)

Garlic : Energy (149 kcal)

             Protein (6.36 g)

             Carbohydrates (33.06 g)

             Calories (162.18)

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