Benefits of Home Birth

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Laboring Mother is Better Able to Relax


Giving birth at home can allow a mother-to-be to feel more relaxed. She is in a familiar environment with all of the personal comforts she desires easily within reach. She can listen to her favorite music or watch her favorite movies easily if this is what she desire to do. She can also get up, walk around, and have a greater freedom of movement during labor at home than she would have in a hospital.

A Mother is Given Undivided Attention


In a hospital doctors and nurses are attending to more than one woman at a time. A woman in labor is competing for attention because of this. When a woman has a baby at home she is the focus of the delivery team and her needs are the only ones that need to be met. There is no need for the professional assisting with labor and delivery, usually a midwife, to leave the room unexpectedly or to be distracted.


Family Member are Present During Birth


Unlike a hospital setting, there is no limit on the number of people who can be in the room when a woman gives birth at home. A woman can be surrounded by as many or as few friends and family members as she feels comfortable with. This allows the mom-to-be to have access to a far greater support system than she would have if she were to have her baby in a hospital.

Home Births are Not New


Giving birth at home is not a new or novel concept. It is estimated that 90% of births took place at home prior to the 20th century. Women were giving birth at home for hundreds of years before hospital births became popular and most of the time both mothers and babies came through the experience without any problems.

It should be noted that home births are not safe for everyone. If a mother has had complications during her pregnancy or has a history of difficulties during labor and delivery she is probably safer having a baby in the hospital. Women who choose home births should also have a back up plan in case something does go wrong so they can be transported to a hospital as soon as possible.


Laboring Mother is Better Able to Relax

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