man's mind and woman's mind

Differences between Man’s Mind and Woman’s Mind!

Just as the man can’t understand the woman, and thinks that she looks at things from his perspective,
A woman also thinks that it is natural for the man to understand things according to her own vision.

But the evolution route led to creating different structure of brain’s task between them, then understanding things.
For more explanation, researchers declared that over the last 30 years,
The man’s and woman’s brain had developed a different way for each one of them.
This knowledge has necessitated the need for different treatment while dealing with mental illness and educational matters.
Research has also shown that women and men complement one another and that they enhanced the perceptions of women’s distinctive abilities that are not less than men’s.

It has been said previously that man and woman have brains of similar abilities.
Although scientists knew that man’s brain is about 10 percent larger than woman’s brain,
It has about 4 billion brain cells more than a woman’s brain.
No one can document that these differences give their owners different abilities from others.
So the question now isn’t “What if there were differences between man’s and woman’s abilities?”

But the right question is: “What is the nature of this difference?
And whether these brain structure differences can be exploited to improve the treatment of mental illness,
And improve education in ways that correspond to the characteristics of the Reception between Boys and girls?
If we argued that a wife thinks that her husbands’ feelings have changed towards her,
Or the opposite, the husband thinks that his wife’s’ feelings have changed towards him and this is not true.

But the truth is that:

The main reason is that the man needs to act according to his nature as a man.
A woman needs to act according to her nature as a woman.

It is wrong to deny one another’s right or to deny our children to behave as children, or older people to act as adults, or leaders to act as leaders.
It often happens that a person can not continue to represent hypocrisy for a long time,
So he return to behave of his nature, this where he does not understand the other party,
And thinks that she changed, and then here they got the problem.
Studies confirm that the difference between men and women is different in the origin of the composition,
And it can not be treated, but it must be dealt with after each party understands the characteristics of the other one,
This seems strange and unjustified.



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