Psychological and Social Consequences of Jealousy

Psychological and Social Consequences of Jealousy ; Jealousy causes multiple psychological conflicts and poses a threat to the Social Harmony.
Jealousy is a natural human feeling, it drives the individual to compare himself with others.
Psychological and Social Consequences of JealousyPsychological and Social Consequences of Jealousy

Few of jealousy can be useful for the human, and constitutes his motivation towards work and best achievement,
But its magnitude spoils life, and leads to severe damages,
Such as hatred, intrigue, and the desire to thwart the efforts of others.
Jealousy is a compounded reaction, it combines the love of ownership and the sense of anger towards others,
Those who were able to achieve their goals that the jealous person could not achieve,
Thereby resulting sometimes slander others, harass or sabotage their work and achievements,
This may be accompanied by manifestations of indifference, or being sensitive, or helplessness,
Or lose the motivation to work, or even the gloomy outlook of life.
multiple psychological conflicts and poses
So, jealous causes multiple psychological conflicts, and poses a threat to the personal and social compatibility,
It accompanied by anxiety and tension from its owner during his interaction with the people who went jealousy toward them.
Jealousy is normal when it appears in the early stages of life,
Because of the love of ownership with children and their desire to acquire their mother’s care.

Psychological and Social Consequences of Jealousy
Jealous is ok with adults if formed a motivation towards success, achievement,
And keep up with outstanding people and emulating them without belittling,
But this is not good if jealous inherits the person at all levels
And its extension of the educational environment and the work environment and marriage life,
Mixing with conflict, envy, and desire another’s failure, then it is considered as a condition,
That we must stop and treat it, to stop it from destroying our professional, family and social relations systems.

Why we got Jealous?

There are many reasons of jealousy that varies depending on the nature of age of the person,
The nature of the other party that draws jealousy toward him, and depending on the environment in which it arises,
Whether it was family, or work, or learning environment.
But despite the different positions, the forms of jealousy gets involved in
The nature of the educational upbringing that the jealous person acquired,
In terms of the immaturity of the others’ love feelings towards him and their acceptance,
multiple psychological conflicts and poses
The growth of features not devoid of selfishness and self-love account,
And the desire to gain others attention and preventing others from sharing him this interest and love.
psychological conflicts

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