Psychology of Pregnancy and its effect on Couples

Psychology of Pregnancy and its effect on Couples
A mother breastfeeds her baby.

Although pregnancy is a natural physiological phenomenon that happens for all living creatures that reduce by this way,

but it is very different for a woman as it has a lot of biological, psychological and social associations that affect women’s reception, acceptance or even rejection,
and her negative or positive interaction with the embryo until birth.

Psychology of Pregnancy and its effect on the Couple


beliefs about pregnancy

Female attitude towards pregnancy concentrates on many factors, such as:

Feeling the female identity: pregnancy period

The more the woman accepts her role as a female and proud of it, the more she was happy to be pregnant,

this will make pregnancy period from the happiest time in her life (despite the physical troubles she suffers),

she will always talk about it and its details with pride and happiness.

While the woman who despises her feminine role (Mannish), she gets annoyed from her pregnant and suffers deeply in all stages,

so she is always complaint from physical and psychological symptoms along over her pregnancy period.

she also feels shame of pregnant aspects, and disappears from people whenever her stomach becomes bigger,

she may hide her pregnant event from people.

pregnancy period

Common beliefs about Pregnancy and Birth:

Some ladies find pregnancy as a natural physiological event like all other body activities, so she should react simply with it,

while others have frightened beliefs about pregnancy and birth, such as “spirit enters other spirits”,

“spirit exit of another spirit”,

“it is a hurricane which threatens the woman’s peace and life”, and “the one who survive, she had a new age”.

These frighten beliefs makes the woman in an anxious and terrifying status all over her pregnancy period.

• Pregnancy Time:

if she got pregnant at the beginning of her marriage she will receive it positively and happily,

while if a forties woman got pregnant she won’t have these sweet feelings,

but she gets confused and ashamed of declaring it.

• Pregnancy Planning:

Woman’s Sexophobia: Causes and Treatment

The more you plan for pregnant and expect to occur, the more you will be comfy when you are pregnant.

But the sudden pregnant may be received with denial and rejection.

Psychology of Pregnancy and its effect on Couples

• Husband’s Relationship:

The more you love your husband, the more getting pregnant of him is desirable, on the contrary:

The unhappy woman in her marriage feels that she had a heavy burden because that relates her with her hatred husband.

She also feels that she carry a part of this rejected husband inside,
this mother has contradictory feeling towards the Fetus,

as if she hates the part which comes from her husband, and loves the part which came from herself,
so she gets into a conflict between rejection and acceptance throughout her pregnant months.

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