Sometimes you have doubts that your partner had a relationship with another man.
Perhaps you simply type of doubter or jealous men.


It’s jealousy, that feeling which makes you feel that boils inside you, Eve,
when you see your partner courted to another person,
or when you both accidentally meet a girlfriend or his x- fiancee for those you love.

Seven basic reasons : Jealousy

As some jealousy contained in various relations,
no doubt that excessive jealousy turns your life upside down, and may lead to devastating consequences.

What is jealousy?

Jealousy is a kind of envy, feeling that we would like to acquire someone else’s possession:
clothes, or a car, or a house!

Seven basic reasons : Jealousy

Jealousy is also the fear of losing a dear person, it is a sense of ownership in which mixes love and anger.
A feeling of the possibility they give up on you.
Feeling like the baby girl when her father marries a new wife,
then she thoughts that her father will love his new wife more of her.
Jealousy manifested in the fear of losing your beloved to someone else,
or anger when we feel that who we love may know someone else, who occupied our place.

Seven basic reasons : Jealousy

Jealousy is a feeling may entice any person at some point.
A little feeling of jealousy is a completely normal thing.
It is conceivable that we feel insecure about the other partner’s feelings towards us, or towards others.
However, it becomes thorny when you jealousy starts to disrupt our relationship and lacking confidence between us and our partner.

Seven basic reasons :

Research had reported that there are seven basic reasons for jealousy.
Some of them caused by justified fears and some of the other source are irrational fears.

Seven basic reasons : Jealousy

First reason :  –

On the top of the list, of course, the former beloved, fiancée, is why we feel jealousy of…..
and more about this thorny charge, check the third truth.

Second  reason :

The unjustified Fear of those we love to give us away to someone else.

Thirdly  reason:

The beloved’s Past, if he /she betrayed in the past, and we are worry of this is happening again with us.

Fourthly  reason :

The partner’s relatives or friends, who we feel that they influence him or her,
and the relationship between you both, this may create a tension atmosphere in the relationship.

Fifth reason :

The insecurity feeling as a result of the absence of the other party,
and you don’t know where to find him /her, and how to spend his /her time.
However, the attempt to spy may increase the matter worse,
so it is better, to be honest with each other about our feelings.

Sixth reason :

If the other party fabricates lies about passing things, which raises self-doubt:
what is the evidence that she or he would not lie about the other serious things?

Seventh reason :

This point is linked to the previous point, which is when the other party does what we feel doubt towards, and shake our confidence in them.
Trust is the key to any healthy and happy relationship.


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